Managing Search Engines in the Google Chrome Browser

Tell Chrome how you want to search

Google Chrome's default search engine is, unsurprisingly, set to Google's homepage. Any search terms you enter into the web browser's combined address/search bar are passed to its own search engine. But that doesn't mean you're stuck using Google. You can modify Chrome to use whatever search engine you prefer. This tutorial shows you how.

This tutorial is intended for users running Google Chrome on macOS, Chrome OSLinux, MacOS X, macOS Sierra, or Windows operating systems.

How to Change the Default Search Engine in Chrome

If you're tired of using Google for your researching needs, here's how to change it as the default search engine in Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome.

  2. Click on the three vertically aligned dots in the upper right corner and select Settings.

    Chrome Settings
  3. Scroll toward the bottom of the page to find Search engine. Next to this is a drop-down menu displaying your browser's current search engine.

    Chrome search engine choices
  4. Click the arrow located to the right of the menu to view the other available choices. Select the one you prefer.

    Chrome search engine choices

Managing Search Engines in Chrome

While in Chrome's settings, you can select Manage search engines to see more options for the various search engines you have available. The first section, Default search settings, contains the options that come preinstalled with Chrome, along with any others you'd chosen as your default at some point (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, etc.).

Manage search engines in Chrome

The second section, labeled Other search engines, lists additional options. To change Chrome's default search engine via this interface, click the three dots next to the one you want and select Make default from the drop-down menu that appears. You have now configured a new default search engine.

To remove/uninstall any search engines other than the default option, select Remove from list from that same drop-down menu.

How to Add a New Search Engine in Chrome

Chrome also gives you the ability to add a new search engine, assuming you know the correct query. Here's how:

  1. Return to the Chrome settings page and select Manage search engines.

  2. Select Add next to Other search engines.

    Add search engine in Chrome
  3. Fill in the required fields. For Search engine, type a label for the engine. For Keyword, type a text shortcut you can enter in the search bar to use this search engine quickly. For URL, enter the website address for the search engine's results page. Enter %s in place of an actual query.

    See Google's guidance for more on adding new search engines.

    Add search engine in Chrome