How to Use Autofill in the Opera Browser

Manage stored passwords and autofill info in Opera

What to Know

  • In the upper-left corner, select Opera > Preferences > Advanced > Privacy & security > scroll to Autofill.
  • Select Passwords to manage password autofill settings or view saved passwords.
  • Select Payment methods to manage accounts you use to make online purchases.

This article explains how to use the autofill feature in the Opera web browser. This tutorial is intended for users running the Opera web browser on Windows, Mac OS X, and macOS operating systems. The steps are similar regardless of operating system or device.

How to Use Autofill

To use Autofill in the Opera browser:

  1. Click on Opera, at the top left of your screen, and select Preferences from the drop-down menu that appears.

    Opera > Preferences
  2. In the left-hand menu pane, select AdvancedPrivacy & security.

    Advanced > Privacy & security
  3. Scroll down to Autofill.

    Opera Autofill preferences
  4. To manage your password autofill settings or see passwords you've saved, etc., select Passwords.

    Opera password settings screen
  5. To manage accounts you use online to make purchases, select Payment methods and select the desired options from the menu.

    Manage payment method autofill options in Opera
  6. To manage frequently entered personal information, choose Addresses and more from the Autofill menu in step 3.

    Manage personal info autofills in Opera
  7. To manually add autofill information, select the appropriate type (Passwords, Payment methods, or Addresses and more) from the main Autofill screen shown in step 4. Click Add, then enter the info in the spaces allotted.

    Adding an address to Opera's Autofill options

Opera securely encrypts your autofill information, which is stored on the company's servers. Logging in with your username and password makes your autofill info available for your use.

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