How to Manage Browsing History on Safari for iPad

Protect your privacy on your mobile device

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Reviewing your iPad browser history is a straightforward process. Safari stores a log of websites you visit along with other browsing-related components such as a cache and cookies. These elements enhance the overall browsing experience; however, for privacy reasons, you may want to delete your browsing history and the accompanying data from time to time.

This article applies to all iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini devices running iOS 10 or later. The process for managing your browser history in Safari on iPhone is slightly different.

How to View and Delete Your iPad Browser History in Safari

There are two ways to manage your web browsing history on iPad. The easiest option is to do it directly in Safari:

  1. Launch the Safari browser.

  2. Tap the Bookmarks icon (it looks like an open book) at the top of the screen. 

  3. Tap the clock icon that appears to open the History panel. A list of sites visited over the past month will appear on the screen ordered from most to least recent.

    If you wish to delete a single website from your browser history, simply swipe left on its name.

  4. Tap Clear at the bottom of the panel to reveal four options:

    • The last hour
    • Today
    • Today and yesterday
    • All time
  5. Tap your preferred option to remove the browsing history from your iPad and all connected iCloud devices.

Deleting your browser history this way will not remove all of the data stored by Safari. For a more thorough cleaning, you'll have to delve into your iPad Settings.

How to Delete History and Cookies From the iPad Settings App

You can also delete your browsing history and cookies from the iPad's Settings app. Clearing your history this way will delete all stored data from sites in Safari. 

  1. Tap the gear icon on the Home screen to open your iPad Settings.

  2. Scroll down in the Settings app and tap Safari. 

  3. Scroll through the list of settings and tap Clear History and Website Data to delete your browsing history, cookies, and other cached website data.

  4. Tap Clear History and Data to confirm or tap Cancel to return to Safari's settings without removing any data.

How to Delete Stored Website Data on iPad

On top of a list of places you've visited on the web, Safari sometimes stores additional website data. For example, it can save passwords and preferences for frequently visited sites. If you want to delete such data, but you don't want to clear all of your browsing history or cookies, you can selectively delete specific data saved by Safari via the iPad Settings app:

  1. Open the iPad Settings app, then scroll down and tap Safari. 

  2. Scroll to the bottom of Safari's Settings screen and tap Advanced

  3. Tap Website Data to display a breakdown of the data currently stored on your iPad by each website. Tap Show All Sites to display the expanded list if necessary.

  4. Tap Remove All Website Data at the bottom of the screen to delete the data stored by all sites on the list or swipe left on individual items to delete them one-by-one.