How to Make Phone Calls With Apple Watch

There isn't just one way to make or receive a call on the Apple Watch.

What to Know

  • Answer incoming calls: Tap green (answer) icon and begin talking. To decline call, tap red (hang up) icon.
  • Place calls through Siri: Tap and hold Digital Crown until you hear Siri activation tone, then say "Call contact name."
  • Alternatively: Tap phone icon, then select from recent contacts, Favorites, and Contacts.

This article explains how to make and answer phone calls through your Apple Watch. Calls on the Apple Watch are handled the same way they are on the iPhone, and you can manage contacts through your iOS device.

How to Answer Incoming Calls on Apple Watch

Any call made to your phone number will be received on the Apple Watch as well. Incoming calls will light up the Watch display, revealing the name or phone number of the caller. To answer the call, tap the green (answer) icon and start talking.

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If you don't want to take the call, decline it by tapping the red icon. This will end the ringing and direct the caller to your voicemail.

How to Place a Call Using Siri

You can use Siri to make a hands-free call. Tap and hold the Digital Crown until you hear the Siri activation tone, then say "Call" followed by the name of the contact you would like to call. If the contact name is unclear, Siri will display several different options, prompting you to manually select the contact you would like to reach.

How to Place a Call From Your Favorites

Apple Watch has a quick-dial feature that allows you to easily reach any contact listed as a "Favorite." You can manage Favorites on your iPhone. To call a Favorite, press the side button to reveal a dial displaying each of your Favorites. Use the digital crown to scroll to the contact you’d like to call or text. Select the phone icon to initiate a phone call.

How to Place a Call From Contacts

From the Apple Watch home screen, tap the Phone app represented by a green circle with a phone handset. From there you can select from a list of people you've recently contacted, as well as your Favorites list and your entire Contacts list.

You must first set up your Apple Watch before you can make or receive calls.

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