Making Phone Calls With the Apple Watch

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One of the Apple Watch’s greatest features is its ability to handle phone calls. With the Apple Watch, you can both make and receive voice calls on your wrist. That means when a phone call comes in you don’t have to dig through your bag or purse in order to find your phone, you can just answer the call on your wrist and chat with the caller through your Watch, just as if you answered using your iPhone. It's one of those things many of us dreamed of looking at cartoons like Dick Tracy and Inspector Gadget growing up, and now it's a reality.

Answering calls on your wrist can be great when you're on the go and just can't reach your phone, but the watch can also come in handy as a hands-free device for times when using your iPhone might be a safety concern. For instance, you can use your Apple Watch to ​handle phone calls while you’re driving or while you’re doing something like working in the kitchen, where holding a phone might present an issue when it comes to dealing with knives or a hot stove.​

Phone calls on your Apple Watch are handled in much the same way as they are on your iPhone. Here are the various ways you can handle calls, and what to expect with each outcome.

Answer Incoming Calls on Apple Watch

Whenever someone calls you and you’re wearing your Apple Watch, the call will become available to answer on your Apple Watch as well as your phone. On your Apple Watch, your wrist will lightly buzz and the name of the caller (if it’s stored in your caller ID) will be displayed on the screen. To answer the call, simply tap the green answer button and start talking. If you’re in a situation where you’d rather not take the call right now, you can also decline the call directly on your wrist by tapping the red button on your wrist. That action will send the caller directly to voicemail and stop the ringing on both your watch and your wrist.

Place a Call Using Siri

If you need to place a call and keep your hands free for another task such as driving, then Siri is your best bet. To place a call on your Apple Watch using Siri, you simply need to press and hold the Digital Crown down until you hear Siri’s distinctive tone and then tell her who you would like to call. If Siri thinks there are several options available then she may display them on the screen, prompting you to select the contact you would like to call.

Place a Call From Your Favorites

The Apple Watch offers a quick dial option for the 12 people you talk to the most in the form of a Favorites section. You set up your Favorites within the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Once set up, you just tap on the side button to bring up a rotary dial of sorts with each of your friends on it. Use the digital crown to navigate to the friend you’d like to contact, and then tap the phone icon to initiate a phone call. I'd definitely recommend adding all your faves here. It can be a huge time saver when you need to send a quick message.

Place a Call From Contacts

All of the contacts saved on your iPhone are also available on your Apple Watch. To access them, tap on the Phone app from your Apple Watch’s home screen (it ’s a green circle with a phone handset on it). From there you can access your Favorites, people you’ve recently called, or your entire contact list.

Regardless of how you're using the feature, one thing to keep in mind is that the microphone on the Apple Watch isn't super loud. That means that if you answer a call on your wrist in a crowded room or walking down the street, the person you're trying to talk to might have some difficulty being able to hear you. Likewise, the Apple Watch is essentially a speakerphone, so be aware of your surroundings and don't answer a call on your Apple Watch anywhere where you typically would be reluctant to have the same conversation on speakerphone.