Make Yahoo Mail Never Filter Newsletters as Spam

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Yahoo Mail offers smart spam filters that reduce the problem of unwanted emails to manageable dimensions. The filters are good, but not perfect. They can catch a message you do want to receive now and then.

To make sure you don't have to read your favorite newsletters in the Bulk folder in Yahoo Mail, you can set up simple filters that keep it in your Inbox, no matter what.

Make Sure Yahoo Mail Never Filters Newsletters as Spam

To make sure Yahoo! Mail does not catch your newsletters or any other wanted mail as spam:

  1. Once you've signed in to Yahoo Mail, click the Settings gear.

    Yahoo email alert
  2. Click More Settings.

    Yahoo mail alerts
  3. Click the Filters heading.

    How to stop messages from going to spam in Yahoo
  4. Click Add new filters.

    How to stop mail from going to spam in Yahoo Mail
  5. Type a name for your filter in the Filter name field.

    How to stop mail from going to spam in Yahoo Mail
  6. The Set rules section lets you tell Yahoo when to trigger the filter. From lets you specify senders to sort out. To/CC lets you pick out recipients. Subject will search the subject lines of incoming mail for the keywords you determine. Body lets you pick out keywords in the message itself.

    Check the box next to Match case if capitalization matters. For example, if you want to filter out messages about Apple, the company and not apple, the fruit.

    Stop mail from going to spam in Yahoo Mail
  7. To make this filter work for a newsletter, copy the email that sends the newsletter you want to save, and then paste it into the From field.

  8. The next section is where you tell the filter where to send messages it picks out. Either type the name of a folder in the text box on the right or select one from the dropdown menu on the left.

    Select the Inbox at this step to send messages there even if Yahoo would usually mark them as spam.

    How to stop newsletters from going to spam in Yahoo Mail
  9. Click Save to save your filter. It will run automatically.

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