Make Yahoo! Mail Never Filter Newsletter as Spam

Laptop with No Spam Sign
jdillontoole / Getty Images

Spam can spoil the most patient email user's day. Fortunately, Yahoo! Mail offers pretty smart spam filters that reduce the spam problem to very manageable dimensions.

There's a smart thing you can do, too, to prevent the Yahoo! Mail spam filters from becoming a problem themselves. The filters are good, but not perfect, and they can catch a message you do want to receive now and then.

To make sure you don't have to read your favorite newsletters in the Bulk folder in Yahoo! Mail, you can set up simple filters that keep it in your Inbox, no matter what. I have created such a filter for the About newsletters, for example.

Make Sure Yahoo! Mail Never Filters Newsletters as Spam

To make sure Yahoo! Mail does not catch your newsletters as spam:

  • In Yahoo! Mail:
    • Select Options | Mail Options.
    • Go to the Filters category.
    • Follow the Create or edit filters link.
  • In Yahoo! Mail Classic:
    • Follow the Mail Options link from the top Yahoo! Mail Classic navigation bar.
    • Click Filters under Management.
  • Click Add.
  • Give the filter an appropriate name under Filter Name.
    • For my About newsletters filter, I used "About newsletters", for example.
  • Make sure the first criterion reads From header: contains.
  • Type the email address or domain name the newsletter is sent from.
    • To whitelist all About newsletters type "".
  • Select the desired destination folder (quite simply the Inbox, for example) under Move the message to:.
  • Click Add Filter.