How to Make Someone Else a Presenter in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

How to add a guest presenter in MS Teams

What to Know

  • Click on an attendee's username under recent chats. Select a presenter mode and click Presenter Options.
  • The presenter modes are: Standout (small video feed beneath shared content), Content-Only, Side-by-Side, and Reporter (news anchor setup.)
  • The attendee needs to have a Microsoft Teams account to present.

This article covers how to make someone a presenter in Microsoft Teams Meeting. We are using the Windows version of Microsoft Teams for this demonstration.

How Do I Make Someone a Presenter in a Teams Live Event?

Microsoft Teams lets you set multiple presenters in one meeting with different rights. The presenters have the same rights as the organizer, so limiting how many presenters you have in the meeting is wise.

These are the steps to make someone a presenter in a Microsoft Teams Meeting.

  1. There are four presenter modes in Microsoft Teams:

    • Standout: The video feed appears in the lower-right corner of the screen while the shared content displays across the screen.
    • Content Only: Displays the content or screen you share across the entire screen.
    • Side-by-side: Displays the shared content and your video feed against a screen-wide background.
    • Reporter: Displays the shared content as if you were anchoring a news broadcast, also utilizing a screen-wide background image.

  2. Open the chat window with a fellow attendee by clicking on the attendee's username under recent chats.


    If there are no attendees under the initial chat list, you'll need to click "invite" to invite attendees to the meeting.

  3. Microsoft Teams will now offer you options for presenting.

    Sharing options in Presenter Mode in Microsoft Teams
  4. You can share the screen, videos, and files.

    Share Screen in Microsoft Teams
  5. To switch the presenter, click Presenter Options.

  6. The selected attendee will now be the presenter.


    You can relinquish control of the presenter at any time to make yourself or someone else the presenter.

  7. There will be a presenter bar that hovers over the meeting now. You can use this bar to share videos, PowerPoint files, and documents on the fly.

Can a Guest Be a Presenter in a Teams Live Event?

You can only designate an attendee with a Microsoft Teams account as a presenter in a meeting. You can use a drop-down menu to select presenters during a meeting. There can only be one presenter at a time during the meeting.

How Do You Make a Participant a Presenter?

Again, the process of making someone a presenter in a meeting is relatively straightforward. Repeat the steps above to complete the process. Remember, you cannot designate a guest as a presenter. A presenter must be an attendee with a Microsoft Teams account.

  • How do you share when you are promoted as presenter in a live meeting?

    When presenting in Microsoft Teams, you can share your desktop, an app, a whiteboard, or a presentation in a meeting. Select Share Content and choose what you want to share. A red border surrounds what you are sharing, and you can select Stop at any time to stop showing your screen.

  • How do you join a live meeting as a presenter?

    If the organizer selected Everyone or People in My Organization under Who Can Present, you can log in to Teams and choose Join to join the event as a presenter. However, if the organizer selected Specific People or Only Me, you must be designated as a presenter after joining.

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