How to Make Someone a Presenter on Skype

How to change presenters in Skype

Skype For Business has been discontinued by Microsoft as of June 2021. All of the same functionality can be found in the company's new product, Microsoft Teams Meeting.

Skype is a common video conferencing tool using by millions. In this guide we’ll discuss how to make someone a presenter in a Skype meeting. As a presenter attendees can share their desktop, Microsoft Power Point attachments, and more. Skype For Business is available on multiple platforms, Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. We’ll be using a Windows 10 device to illustrate this guide.

How Do You Make Someone a Presenter in Skype?

A presenter is the focal point of a Skype meeting. The presenter is the main person that everyone else in the meeting will be watching. In these steps we’ll illustrate how to make someone a presenter during the Skype meeting. 

  1. Open The Skype for Business application.

  2. Next click on Start a Conference Call.

  3. Now you’ll be able to invite participants.

  4. Your room will have a specific URL that participants will need to use to join.

  5. Once the attendee has entered the conference open the list panel where the attendees names are shown, right-click on the attendees name.

  6. A drop down menu will appear where you can “Make a Presenter”.

  7. Now that person will be the presenter for the room.

How Do I Change the Presenters on a Skype Meeting?

The beauty of Skype for Business is that you can change the presenter on the fly. Changing the presenter of the room is ideal for working in a collaborative environment. Multiple people can share desktop views, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

  1. Right click and open the attendees panel.

  2. Right click on the name of the attendee who you’d like to make the presenter.

  3. Click “Make a Presenter”.

  4. Now that person will be the presenter for the room.

Moving Onto Microsoft Teams Meeting

Skype for Business has been discontinued by Microsoft in favor of Microsoft Teams Meeting. The Teams Meeting software is similar to Skype For Business in a lot of areas. The general design is very similar to Skype For Business as are the presenter features. Skype For Business was discontinued in order for Microsoft to create a more fluid product within the Microsoft Office platform.

New consumers who are looking to connect using Skype For Business will be unable to do so. Instead you will need to download Microsoft Teams Meeting and proceed with the new user process.


You can continue to use your existing Skype For Business login on Microsoft Teams Meeting.

  • Why is the Use Presenter View option greyed out in Skype for business?

    You must be a presenter to share your screen during a Skype meeting. If the option is greyed out or "Sharing controls are disabled by policy" appears, you can ask the presenter to give you presenter access.

  • Can you record a Skype meeting if you are not the presenter?

    Any presenter can record a meeting and save it on their computers, but you must use a third-party application to record Skype calls if you are not the presenter. For example, you could download MP3 Skype Recorder to use it with the Skype app. Also, before you record a Skype call, be sure to notify everyone that the call is being recorded.

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