Make "Reply" the Default Setting in FastMail

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Surely, what you have to say and send will be interesting not only to the sender of the message to which you are reacting; the other recipients the sender included in the To: and Cc: fields will want to get your reply, too. This is what I assume, and what FastMail, assumes, as well: it makes the Reply to All buttons the easiest to reach and use when you read mail.

If you usually respond to just the sender, you can make Reply to Sender the default as well for the FastMail interface — and start your replies a little faster; and avoid the occasional mishap that can happen by default when replying to all is inappropriate. You can always reply to all by choosing it specifically, of course.

Make Replying Only to the Sender the Default Choice and Button in FastMail

To exchange replying to just the sender with replying to all (the sender and all recipients other than yourself) as the default choice in FastMail's web interface:

  • Click Mail in FastMail's top left corner.
    • If you do not see Mail, click the show sidebar (═) button.
    • Note that settings for default reply behavior are not available in FastMail Classic.
  • Select Settings from the menu that has appeared.
  • Open the Preferences category.
  • Make sure Just reply to the sender by default is selected under When replying:
    • Select Reply to everyone in the conversation by default to have FastMail include the original message's sender as well as all recipients other than yourself in replies automatically.
    • The default merely makes Reply (instead of Reply to All) the reply button in a message's header area and changes the position of the reply buttons at its bottom (Reply followed by Reply to All insteadReply to All followed by Reply to Sender). 
    • FastMail's keyboard shortcuts will work the same with both default choices: r for Reply and a for Reply to All.
  • Click Save Changes.