How to Make a Spotify Playlist Private

Keep your listening history secret

What to Know

  • On the desktop app, you can only remove a playlist from your profile by right-clicking it and clicking Remove from Profile.
  • On the mobile app, tap the playlist > ellipsis > Make Private to hide it.
  • It's also possible to set up a private session by clicking your profile name > Private Session.

This article teaches you how to make a Spotify playlist private and explains what you need to know about the process.

How Do I Make My Spotify Playlist Private on My PC?

While the idea of Spotify might be to share playlists with friends and family whenever you come across something that might appeal, sometimes you also want to keep things private. Spotify has removed the truly private option on the desktop app, but you can hide the playlist so friends can only see what you're listening to via Friend Activity. Here's how to hide a Spotify playlist using the Spotify desktop app.

This method works for both PC and Mac app users.

  1. Open Spotify.

  2. Right-click the playlist you wish to hide.

    Spotify app with a playlist highlighted.
  3. Click Remove from profile.

    Spotify app with Remove from profile highlighted.
  4. The playlist is now no longer visible to other people via your profile but you are still able to see it.

How Do I Make My Spotify Playlist Private on My Phone?

If you want to make a Spotify playlist private, you need to set this up via the Spotify mobile app. Here's what you need to do.

This method works for both iOS and Android users.

  1. Open Spotify.

  2. Tap Your Library.

  3. Tap the playlist you wish to make private.

  4. Tap the ellipsis.

  5. Tap Make private.

    Steps required on Spotify mobile app to make a playlist private.
  6. Tap Make private.

  7. The playlist is now completely hidden from other users.

How to Set Up a Private Session on Spotify

If you only use the Spotify desktop app and still want to listen to one of your hidden playlists without anyone knowing what you're playing, it's possible to set up a private session to keep things extra secure. Here's how to set up a private session.

  1. Open Spotify.

  2. Click your profile name.

    Spotify app with profile name highlighted.
  3. Click Private session.

    Spotify app with Private Session highlighted.
  4. Your session is now completely private as indicated by the padlock next to your name. 

Can Friends See Private Playlists on Spotify?

No. Once you have made a playlist private on the mobile app, your friends cannot see it. However, if you have only hidden it from your profile on the desktop app, they can. To circumvent this, turn on Private Session to stop them from seeing.

Can Others See My Spotify Playlist? 

If your Spotify playlist is listed as Public, anyone viewing your Spotify profile can see it. If you make a playlist private via the mobile app, they cannot see it even if you are listening to it. 

Also, if you remove a playlist from your profile, it's harder for the general public to view, but they can still see it if you are listening to it at the time. 

  • Can I see who liked my playlist on Spotify?

    No. You can see how many people follow your Spotify playlists, but you can't see who they are.

  • How do delete a playlist on Spotify?

    To delete a Spotify playlist, go to your Library and open the playlist, then tap or click the three-dot menu > Delete Playlist or on the desktop app select the three-dot menu > Delete.

  • How do I share my Spotify playlist?

    To share your playlists on Spotify, open the playlist and select the three dots > Share > Copy link to Playlist. You can then paste the link in a message or on social media. In the mobile app, you can share directly on social media.

  • How do I find playlists on Spotify?

    If you want to find a friend's playlist on Spotify, go to View > Friend Activity and select the friend who you wish to view. Select See All next to Public Playlists.

  • How do I change my Spotify playlist picture?

    To change a playlist picture on Spotify, open the playlist on the desktop app and select the three dotsEdit Change Image. On the mobile app select Edit Playlist > Choose Photo. You can upload a photo or take one with your device.

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