How to Make a Personal Edition of Google News

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Google News is a news aggregator that compiles news based on a variety of factors, including location, category and type of content (such as video or print news). Here are several ways you can customize it to get the news that's most relevant to your needs.

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Personalize This Page

Google News page personalization

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Just so you know, a few years have gone by since this article was written, and the location of may not be the same. But you can still make a personalized edition of Google News and follow the stories that matter to you. 

Google News can be customized to display as many or as few news headlines as you'd like. You can rearrange where news topics are displayed, and you can even make your own custom news channels.

Get started by opening Google News at and clicking on the Personalize this page link on the right-hand side of the browser window.

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Rearrange the News

Google News personalize news topics

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The Personalize link turns into a box that lets you rearrange the news. You can drag and drop the "sections" of your custom Internet newspaper. Are world headlines more important or entertainment stories? You decide.

You can also edit a section by clicking on the corresponding button in the box. For this example, I'll use the sports section. I don't like reading sports, so I want to get rid of this section.

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Customize or Delete a Section

Google News customize news page

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If you really like sports, you could increase the number of headlines that are displayed. The default is three. You could also decrease the number of headlines if you wanted the page to be less crowded. If you're like me, and don't want to read any, Delete Section and Save Changes.

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Make a Custom News Section

Google News custom news sections

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Have a news topic you want to keep an eye on? Turn it into a custom news section and let Google find relevant articles for you online.

You can add a standard news section, such as "top stories" or "sports," by clicking on the Add a standard section link. To add a custom section, click on the Add a custom section link.

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Make a Custom News Section (Part Two)

Google News Custom Section

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Once you've clicked on the Add a custom section link, type in the keywords relevant to the news items you'd like to see. Keep in mind that Google will search only for articles that contain all.

Once you've entered your keywords, select how many articles you'd like to see on the main Google News page. The default is set to three.

Click the Add section button to complete the process. You can rearrange your custom news sections the same way you arrange standard sections.

As an example, I have two custom news sections. One is for "Google" and the other is for "Higher Education." Whenever Google finds relevant news articles on these two topics, it adds the top three headlines to my custom Google news sections, just as it would for any other section.

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Finalize and Save Changes

Google News

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Once you're done modifying Google News, you can use the page, and the changes will stay in place for this browser on this computer. However, if you like this layout and want to keep the same preferences on all browsers and across multiple computers, click the save layout button.

If you are logged into your Google account, Google will save the changes and apply them any time you're logged in. If you are not logged in, Google will prompt you to either log in or create a new Google account.

Google accounts are universal and work with most Google applications, so if you have a Gmail account or have registered for any other Google service, you can use the same login. If not, you can create a new Google account with any valid email.

A personalized edition of Google News is like your own personal newspaper, with headlines on the topics that you'd like to follow. If at any time your interests change, you can click on the Personalize this page link and start the process again.