Make Your Own Slideshow With Flipagram

Turn your photos into a slick and creative slideshow video

Sometimes making your own slideshow is a much more practical alternative to spamming your Instagram and Facebook followers with so many individual photos they're too overwhelmed to look at them. In these types of cases, turn toward Flipagram for help.

Flipagram was acquired by Chinese company Toutiao in 2017 and is now called Vigo Video.

Flipagram, the King of Social Slideshows

Flipagram is the popular app of choice for making short and personalized video stories in slideshow format. What was just a simple slideshow app a few years ago is now a full-blown social app with a home feed highlighting videos from other users. It also has all sorts of other amazing features that make it a truly powerful app with its own community.

Photos on a smartphone
Photo lechatnoir / Getty Images

As far as slideshow creation goes, Flipagram accesses your device's photos and videos (and even your Facebook albums if you choose to integrate it) so you can pick and choose which ones you want in your slideshow. After choosing them, you can:

  • Select up to 60 seconds of a music track from Flipagram's library, or use one from your own library.
  • Set the speed so the slideshow moves faster or slower.
  • Apply filter effects similar to what Instagram offers.

Once you're all done editing, you can add a caption and optionally tag users or include hashtags. When you're ready to complete your slideshow and post it, you can select whether you want to post it to your followers, send it privately to specific users, or just save it as a hidden post for your own viewing.

After you've completed the last step, a tab opens and gives you options to share your slideshow elsewhere. You can share it via text message, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. You can also just save it to your device if that's all you need.

Moving More Toward Music

Flipagram used to be primarily a slideshow app, but these days it looks at functions a lot like does, but with a slideshow twist. In other words, Flipagram has put more emphasis on its music integration in order to compete with other apps and keep users engaged.

Flipagram has a music library with over 40 million tracks to choose from, along with fun challenges for categories like dance, art, beauty, comedy, and more. One of the app's newest features is the Emoji Beatbrush, which allows users to add emojis to their drawings that dance to the beat of the photos or videos included in the slideshow.

Getting Social With Flipagram

If you're even remotely familiar with Instagram or Vine, then you should have no problem at all navigating and using Flipagram since the app is built to look and function just like those two popular platforms. Using the menu at the bottom of the screen, you can shift between the home feed, search tab, camera tab, notifications, and your profile.

When you first sign up, Flipagram will ask you to follow some suggested users and may even connect you with current users who you know if you signed up through Facebook. You can like, repost, and comment on anyone's slideshow or tap the music icon in the top right to see which music track the poster paired with their slideshow.

Take advantage of the search tab to check out the trending hashtags, top flipsters, and popular flips. These will help expose you to great content made by interesting users you might want to follow.