How to Make Outlook Remember Your Email Password

You can stop retyping your password over and over

Screenshot of the Outlook logo


Microsoft Outlook requires that you type your password into a password box each time you want to access your email. This is great for security purposes, but if you're the only one who uses your computer, it's completely safe to store your password in Outlook.

When you make Outlook remember your password — which you do through the Change Account screen — you can receive and send mail without needing to type out the password each time. In fact, when you have Outlook save your password, you can make a long and complex password without needing to remember it or constantly retrieve it from your password manager.


Screenshot showing how to remember an Outlook 2016 password
Change Account Screen in Outlook 2016.

Saving your Outlook password—whether for an actual email account or one from Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.—is done through the Change Account screen in Outlook.

  1. Navigate to the File > Info menu and click or tap Account Settings and then Account Settings....

    The menus in Outlook 2007 are a little different. Go instead to Tools > Account Settings....

  2. In the Email tab, choose the email account you want Outlook to remember the password for, and then select the Change... button.

  3. At the bottom of that screen, put a check in the box next to Remember password.

  4. Click or touch the Next button.

  5. You can now close out of any unnecessary windows to return to your Inbox.

You can make Outlook 2003 remember your password, too, but the steps to do it are a bit different than they are in newer versions of Outlook.

Screenshot showing how to remember the password in Outlook 2003
E-Mail Accounts Screen in Outlook 2003.
  1. Select Tools > E-Mail Accounts... from the menu.

  2. Make sure View or change existing e-mail accounts is selected under E-mail, and then select Next >.

  3. Pick the email account that keeps asking you for the password and choose the Change... button.

  4. Make sure Remember password is checked at the bottom.

  5. Type the email account's password in the Password: field.

  6. Click Next > and then Finish.

Outlook Keeps Asking for the Password

Screenshot showing Outlook forgetting a password
Outlook Forgetting a Password.

If Outlook asks you to enter your password every time you check mail even though you have Remember password set for the account, that could be happening for a number of possible reasons.

The most likely situation is that you've changed your password for the email account but haven't updated the password in Outlook. Follow the steps above to get to the screen where you can see your email address and password, and change the password to the updated one so that Outlook stops asking you for it.

You might also try to temporarily disable your antivirus (AV) program or, preferrbly, boot into Safe Mode if you're in Windows. The antivirus program could be interfering with Outlook if it uses an add-in or firewall. If Outlook checks for and sends mail just fine after doing one of those two things, reinstall the AV program.

If the AV software isn't to blame, or you still suspect that it is, start Outlook in safe mode to disable add-ins. If the password works that time, then there's a problem with one of the add-ins and you need to disable it, delete it, or troubleshoot how to fix it.

For situations in which Outlook still isn't remembering the password, either delete the email profile and make a new one, or remove the program and install it again from scratch. There might just be a bug somewhere in the profile, in which case building a new one will get things working again.

It's also possible that there are incorrect settings in the Windows Registry for the Protected Storage System Provider. To see if that's the problem, you can follow Microsoft's directions on deleting the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Protected Storage System Provider key.