How to Make Money with the YouTube Partner Program

Tips for Aspiring YouTubers

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Chances are you’ve probably come across a few of those big YouTubers that practically dominate the site and have wondered how to make money on YouTube for yourself.

People like Ray William Johnson, Michael Buckley, Philip DeFranco, Ryan Higa and so many others actually make a good part of their living off of their YouTube videos. If you want to follow in their footsteps, consider these tips for working toward a YouTube Partnership and maximizing your earnings.

What Is the YouTube Partner Program?

The YouTube Partner Program is a program where selected YouTubers can earn shared revenue through ads placed on the same pages as their own videos. Partners also gain access to better analytics for their channel and more customizations, such as the opportunity to add graphic headers and links.​

Since YouTube is owned by Google, Partners make money through the Google’s official advertising platform known as Google AdSense. When a viewer clicks on one of the ads displayed on a Partner’s video, the Partner earns a small share of revenue. It is a few cents or a few dollars per click. Earnings will vary and depend on content and the amount that a particular AdSense advertiser is willing to bid on to get their ads showing.

Any YouTube user can apply for the Partner Program, but not everyone gets accepted. To be accepted, you must have clear evidence that you create original content on a regular basis, you own all the rights to that content and your videos are experiencing substantial growth in popularity.

How to Become a YouTube Partner: Don’t Cheat!

There are some people offering gimmicks and scams that promise to get you more views and more subscribers on YouTube. Don’t fall for them. YouTube frowns upon software that inflates video views and users that participate in “sub 4 sub,” (subscribing to other users just to get them to subscribe back).

There is absolutely no shortcut to being accepted into the YouTube Partner Program. Even then, it takes time to grow your revenue. In the beginning, most Partners only earn peanuts. Your goal should be to grow your channel and gain a real audience.

Start Creating Content

Some Partners say that planning out your content strategy is a good idea while others say that you just need to do it. Start making videos, learn as you go and just keep going.

Stick with a Theme

Are you a musician? An aspiring director? A video blogger? A graphic designer? Themes are always good when starting a YouTube channel. It paints a clear picture in the viewer’s mind of what you’re all about and what you’re trying to accomplish. Stick with consistency in style and editing.

Tag Your Videos

When you upload a video on YouTube, you can tag them with keywords. This helps people searching for content find what they’re looking for. List as many relevant keywords in the tags as possible to increase viewership. You should also consider listing keywords in the titles of your videos for the same reasons.

Network with Other YouTubers

Believe it or not, networking can make all the difference. This doesn’t mean a “sub 4 sub” scheme.

This means hard work connecting with other content creators and promoting each other’s content through likes, comments and even starring in one another’s videos.

If you follow any of the big YouTubers, you know that almost all of them network with each other, which is how they tend to attract more subscribers.​

Even if you’re not in the big leagues yet, you can still do well by making it a point to interact often with YouTubers you admire.

Always Be Persistent

Persistence is key. It can take years to get accepted into the YouTube Partner program and more years to build up enough of an audience to earn substantial revenue.

Create content often, network with other YouTubers, interact with your audience, learn from your mistakes and never stop ​making ​videos.

It takes hard work and a lot of time, but it’s really the only way to do it.

If you have been on YouTube for at least a couple months, have quite a few videos uploaded and can prove that you have a strong audience through views and subscribers, then you might just qualify for the YouTube Partner Program.

Remember that becoming a YouTube Partner is just the first step. Once your application has been accepted, the hard work will have only just begun. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: Please note that these guidelines are intended for informational purposes only and will not guarantee you to be accepted in the YouTube Partner Program or make money from it.

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