How to Make Money as an Instagram Influencer

Try these tips to make money as an Instagram influencer

What to Know

  • Agents help land jobs. Negotiate with companies directly. Some third-party apps connect influencers with brands.
  • Need: High follower count with high levels of engagement. Appeal to younger demographics.
  • Pay: Amounts depend on company. Can be between $5 and $10,000 or more per campaign.

This article explains ways to make money as a social media influencer on Instagram.

Become a Paid Instagram Influencer

If you have a solid Instagram following, becoming an influencer can be less intimidating than you would assume. The three methods most useful for becoming an influencer are:

  • Get an agent: This is the high-end option for influencer gigs and is mostly used by individuals with either a lot of followers or professional models and artists. The agent helps their influencer client land the typical jobs in their chosen industry and reaches out to companies to inquire about potential social media advertising campaigns on their client's behalf.
  • Negotiate directly: If an Instagram account shows high engagement in a niche topic such as travel, beauty, or gaming, companies often reach out to the account owner with a proposal by email or direct message (DM) on Instagram. This is more common than most people think, so it's always a good idea to activate notifications for Instagram DMs. You don't want to miss out on an opportunity.
  • Use third-party apps and services: The most popular way to start as an Instagram influencer is to use one of the free services that are designed to connect influencers to brands. These services usually take care of the payment processing and legalities. They also offer tips and advice to new influencers who may be unsure how to negotiate or format a post correctly. One of the best services to check out is TRIBE. TRIBE is free to join and has become a popular way for influencers and marketers to connect. It updates almost daily and allows brands to provide direct feedback to users through the app. Similar apps offer the same service.

What It Takes to Become an Influencer

A social media influencer is someone who can prompt others to participate in an activity or purchase a product. They influence others by creating and publishing content on a popular social media network such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, or TikTok. An influencer has a high number of followers or subscribers and a high ratio of regular interaction and engagement with their fans.

An account with a million followers that averages a few likes or comments per post isn't considered an influencer's account, despite having a large number of followers. However, an account with a few thousand followers that receives a few hundred likes or comments per post could be considered an influencer because their followers appear to respect their opinion and support the content they create.

Instagram influencer standing standing in front of vehicle

Instagram's Influencer Appeal

Social media influencers tend to target younger demographics that may not consume as much television or print magazines as previous generations. For this reason, Instagrammers who have a high engagement with their audience are often chosen by companies to promote their products or services.

An influencer's marketing campaign on Instagram could consist of a single paid post on an influencer's account. It may also include a series of posts, Instagram Stories, written reviews and endorsements, videos, and live video broadcasts.

In some cases, the influencer takes control of the brand's official Instagram account to drive followers and interaction, or create a sense of identification with the influencer's audience.

How Much Instagram Influencers Get Paid

The amount earned for posting a brand's paid post varies depending on a range of factors such as how many followers the influencer has, the amount of effort required, the brand's marketing budget, and how many other influencers were hired to share similar content.

Instagram influencers can be paid anywhere from $5 to $10,000 or more per campaign. There isn't an established industry standard. Many influencer agents and services often have a recommended price range based on an account's follower number. Still, there is no set amount.

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