This Thanksgiving, Make Your Minecraft World Festive

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Minecraft Thanksgiving - 1
A Minecraft Turkey.

Last month, I gave various tips on how to spruce your world up for Halloween. Well, it’s time to tear down the cobwebs and time to bring around your blocky family for some dinner! Let’s bust out the pumpkin pie and dig into Thanksgiving!

With the only bird being a chicken in Minecraft, we’re a little limited to what we can decorate our world with that would resemble a turkey! After sitting for a few minutes and contemplating what I could do, I came up with this! The ingredients needed to making a turkey in Minecraft are an Armor Stand, a Dark Oak Wood Plank, a Leather Tunic, a Lever, three Oak Wood Stairs, and an Oak Wood Block. Let these decorative turkeys take your world over with a great bit of influence. They can make any bland world feel a little bit more lively in a very big way. Even Herobrine would love these! They’re not too big, they’re not too small. They’re just the perfect size! Stay tuned to the end of the article to find out how to build these turkeys!

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Thanksgiving Dinner!

Minecraft Thanksgiving - 2
A Minecraft Thanksgiving Dinner!.

You can’t have a Minecraft Thanksgiving without your very own turkey! This turkey is made the exact same way as before. The only different things are the feathers on the turkey’s back are now removed and a lighter block is used to give the impression it has been cooked. The Armor Stand is also being hidden by the table, allowing for the arms of the Leather Tunic to clip through the block and appear as if it has wings, still. Although this does not have to do with Redstone, placing Weighted Pressure Plates (Heavy) assists in making the table have plates to eat on. I’m sure the Villagers would love to have dinner with you!

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The Mayflower!

Minecraft Thanksgiving - 3
The Mayflower re-made in Minecraft!.

This build in specific can be done in many different ways. You can make it much larger or you can make it much larger.This ship will be a great addition to your world. Whether the ship is on land or in the ocean, people will surely stop and stare to look at your beautiful build! For my build specifically, I used regular Wool, Ladders (to climb up to the crow’s nest, Oak Wood Planks, Spruce Wood Planks, Oak Fences and Wooden Trapdoors! You can make your ship various different colors, add your own touches and much more. If you’re building something of this magnitude, have fun with it!

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Want to Build a Turkey?

Minecraft Thanksgiving - 4
Building a Minecraft Turkey!.

To build a turkey, place an Armor Stand on the ground. Equip the Armor Stand with a Leather Tunic. Then, directly behind the torso of the Armor Stand, build a two high wall using Oak Wood Planks. Remove the bottom block, leaving one block floating. Place Oak Wood Stairs facing in each direction to act as feathers for the turkey. Place the Oak Wood Stair on the top facing the armor stand. Build a structure up into the air and place a Piston upside down. Place a Dark Oak Wood Plank under the piston and extend the Piston. The Dark Oak Wood Plank should be placed where the torso is, letting the sides of the torso appear as if they are wings. Destroy the Piston and all surrounding blocks you’ve added not associated with the turkey build. Place a lever on the front of the block, acting like a head. If your structure matches the first picture, you’ve build it correctly!

Making the “Thanksgiving Dinner” is nearly the same exact process. Instead of using a Dark Oak Wood Plank, we’ll be using Jungle Wood Planks to give it the cooked look. Remove the feathers in the back and you’ve got a dinner! Place a table around your creation to hide the Armor Stand and decorate the table with Weighted Pressure Plates (Heavy) to add dinner plates.

In Conclusion

With these builds in mind, have fun with what you’re creating. Whether it be changing these ideas given to you, or copying them to an exact recreation, enjoy it. These should make your world much more lively come Thanksgiving and should hopefully put a smile on everybody’s face that sees it. Happy Thanksgiving!