Make iPhone Mail Sync More, All or Less Mail for Exchange Accounts

Personalize the settings for your Exchange email account

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The iOS Mail app lets you choose how much mail to synchronize for Exchange ActiveSync accounts. You have to let the Mail app know whether you want it all or just some of it. For Exchange accounts, iOS Mail can automatically download only the most recent messages, mail up to a month old, or all mail.

Make iPhone Mail Sync More, All or Less Mail

To pick how many days of recent mail to synchronize with an Exchange account in iPhone Mail:

  1. Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen.

  2. In iOS Mail 11, tap Accounts & Passwords.

    In iOS 10, select Mail and tap Accounts.

    In iOS Mail 9 and earlier, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

  3. Tap the desired Exchange account in the Accounts section.

  4. Now tap Mail Days to Sync.

  5. Pick how many recent days of mail you want to be sent to iPhone Mail automatically. Choose No Limit to synchronize all mail.

  6. Tap the Home button to save your preferences.

  7. Your mail should now be synchronized to your preferences.

You need not pick No Limit to access certain messages. IOS Mail lets you search across all folders, including messages that have not been synchronized and are not currently visible.

In versions of iOS Mail earlier than iOS 9, there is no way to see or search messages older than the synchronization limit.

You can also pick the folders whose new mail you want pushed to the device.