How to Sync More Emails in Exchange Accounts for iPhone

Personalize the settings for your Exchange email account

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The iOS Mail app for iPhone defaults to synchronizing the last month's worth of emails for Exchange ActiveSync accounts, but you can change it to see more or less emails.

The Mail Days to Sync option in the Mail app can be adjusted to show emails from just the last one day up to as far back as there are emails in your account. The choice is yours depending on how many emails you want to have visible from the email app.

These directions apply to recent versions of iOS as well as versions back through iOS 8.

How to Sync More or Less Emails on iPhone

Change just one setting for your Exchange account to define how many days back Mail will sync messages.

  1. Open Settings from the home screen.

  2. Tap Passwords & Accounts.

    If you don't see that option, go to Mail > Accounts or Mail, Contacts, Calendars, depending on your iOS version.

  3. Tap the email account you want to change the settings for.

  4. Choose Mail Days to Sync, and then pick how many recent days of email you want to be downloaded to Mail automatically. Pick No Limit to synchronize all mail.

    Exchange, Mail Days to Sync, No Limit

    You don't need to sync every single email if you want to reserve the ability to search through old messages. Modern versions of iOS like iOS 12 and iOS 11, let you find emails that haven't been synchronized and that aren't currently visible.

  5. Your mail should now be synchronized to your preferences, and you can tap the home button to exit the settings.