Make iPhone Mail Check for New Mail Less Often or Never

Use your iPhone Settings app to customize email collection intervals

iPhone 6s and an iPhone 6s Plus.

If you are concerned about battery usage, you may want to limit how often your iPhone checks for new email. By default, the iOS mail app is set to "Push," which means it connects to download new email as soon as any arrives on the server. 

You can prevent iPhone Mail from checking for new mail automatically, or you can schedule your email accounts to check at certain specified intervals.

Make iPhone Mail Check for New Mail Less Often (or Never)

To set how often iPhone Mail checks your accounts for new messages:

  1. Go to Settings on the iPhone's Home screen.
  2. Tap Mail > Accounts.
  3. Select Fetch New Data.
  4. Deselect Push at the top of the screen. Push directs the Mail app to update as often as possible, which you don't want if you are trying to reduce how often your iPhone checks for email. 
  5. Tap on each email account. Tap Fetch to activate a specific interval. Choose Manual to disable automatic checking completely. Do not select Push if you are trying to reduce how often the iPhone checks for email. You can select a different interval for each account. You may want to set one main email to Push while limiting other email addresses.
  6. Return to the Fetch New Data screen by tapping at the top of the screen.
  7. Select a Fetch interval. Options include Every 15 Minutes, Every 30 Minutes, Hourly and Manually. If you select Manually, your iPhone will not check for email at all. You'll have to do that yourself. To check for email manually, open the Mail app and go to your mailbox. Select an account if you have more than one. Drag with your finger from top to bottom of the screen. You'll see a "Checking Email Now" message at the bottom of the screen and then an "Updated Just Now" message indicating that all available email has been transferred to the iPhone.
  1. Press the Home button to exit.