How to Make Gmail Your Default Program in Firefox

Using Firefox?

Firefox home screen

Do you wish Gmail would come up when you click an email address on a web site? If you're using Mozilla Firefox, you can set your preferences to do just that. Here's how to make Gmail your default email program in Firefox. 

Open Gmail in Mozilla Firefox

Hit "Enter".


  • Open Gmail in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Type 'javascript:window.navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto","","Gmail")' (not including the outermost quotation marks) in the address bar.
    • If you do not require a secure HTTPS connection to Gmail, you can use 'javascript:window.navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto","","Gmail")' instead.
  • Hit Enter.

Select "Tools | Options..."

Make sure
Make sure "Use Gmail" is selected under "mailto".


  • Select Tools | Options... or Firefox | Preferences... (Mac) from the menu in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Go to the Applications tab.
  • Make sure Use Gmail is selected under mailto.

Click "Add Application" under "Add Gmail ( as an application..."

Click "Add Application".


  • Click Add Application under Add Gmail ( as an application for mailto links?.