How to Make a Flowchart in Google Docs

Create flowcharts to effectively communicate your ideas

What To Know

  • Go to Insert Drawing New > choose options > Save and Close.
  • Another way is through Google Drawings. When finished, go to Insert > Drawing > From Drive in Docs.

This article explains how to create flowcharts in Google Docs and Google Drawings from scratch and using an add-on. You can only make flowcharts on the desktop version of Google Docs.

Create a Flowchart Manually

Google Docs provides direct access to Google Drawings, which is where we'll be making the flowchart. The options are basic but should be fine for most people.

  1. Select where in the document you want the flowchart to go. You can always change this later.

  2. Go to Insert > Drawing > New.

    Google Docs Insert Drawing menu.

    You might notice the Chart menu option here. As much sense as it'd make to go there to create a flowchart, the Chart menu is for making other charts like pie charts and bar graphs.

  3. Use the menu to add lines, shapes, text, etc. to create the flowchart.

    Google Drawing flowchart.

    What you're doing here is accessing Google Drawings. If you'd rather work there instead (there are more tools, including flowchart templates), go to the Google Drawings page.

  4. Select Save and Close to import it into your document. If you worked on the flowchart from Drawings, find it in the Insert > Drawing > From Drive menu.

With the flowchart now in the document, you can move the flowchart around the page like you would an image and adjust the text wrap options depending on how you want it to sit with the page’s text.

To edit the flowchart, either double-click it or select it once to find the Edit button.

Use a Flowchart Template

Google's flowchart tools are fine, but if you want a method that provides more options or a template to start off with, use an add-on.

  1. Go to Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons.

  2. Use the search bar to find and install a flowchart maker. We used Lucidchart Diagrams for the rest of these steps.

  3. Return to the Add-ons menu and choose Lucidchart Diagrams > Insert Diagram.

    Lucidchart Diagrams add-on menu in Google Docs.
  4. Select Sign in with Google and follow the prompts.

  5. Choose the plus sign at the bottom of the Lucidcharts side window, and then select Flowchart. You'll immediately be redirected to the website to build the flowchart.

    Lucidcharts diagrams in Google Docs.
  6. Edit the diagram using the tools from the menu on the left. This flowchart designer supports drag-and-drop, so you can easily insert squares and other shapes, lines, and text boxes.

    To use a template instead, open Lucidchart's File > New > From Template menu. The first few are free.

  7. When you're finished, name it something unique by editing the title, and then select Back to Docs at the top left.

    A Lucid flowchart.
  8. Select the flowchart from the side panel (you probably have to choose My Diagrams first).

  9. Use the INSERT button to add it to Google Docs.

    A flowchart preview from Lucid in Google Docs.

Any edits we'd want to make to this flowchart would be done through To have them reflected in the document, go to Extensions > Add-ons > Lucidchart Diagrams > Update Inserted Diagrams in Google Docs.

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