How to Make a Facebook Gaming Page

Create a hub for your Facebook video game streams

What to Know

  • Go to the Gaming Video Creator page > input a name > Continue > Upload a profile and background photo, or select Skip to do this later.
  • Use the Facebook Creator Studio to manage your content, see your earnings, and more.
  • Facebook Gaming pages are a category of Facebook business pages, so you can collect ad revenues from your videos.

Want to make money streaming video games on Facebook? First, you should know how to make a Facebook Gaming page.

How to Make a Facebook Gaming Page

Follow these steps to create a page for your Facebook gaming videos.

  1. Go to the Facebook Create a Gaming Video Creator page and log in to your Facebook account if prompted. 

  2. Enter a name and select Continue.

    Continue on the Facebook Create a Gaming Video Creator page
  3. Upload a profile and background photo, or select Skip to do this later.

    Skip and Upload buttons on the Facebook Create a Gaming Video Creator page
  4. Now that you've created your Facebook Gaming Creator page, you can begin adding content. Your page will appear under Your Pages on your Facebook Home page.

    Gaming Page on Pages Shortcuts on the Facebook Home page

What Is Facebook Gaming?

Like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming is a video streaming platform where gamers can watch each other's play. Facebook Gaming even hosts live streams of esports events. To access Facebook Gaming, select the Facebook Gaming icon at the top of any page.

Facebook Gaming icon in the Facebook toolbar

You'll see a list of suggested streams, clips, and games. On the left side of the page, select Video > Browse to explore all streams or select Start Streaming to broadcast yourself. You can also create and participate in video game tournaments by selecting Tournaments in the left sidebar.

Browse and Start Streaming on Facebook Gaming

More of a casual gamer? Select Play Games in the left sidebar to play games like Uno, Bingo, and Battleship with your Facebook friends.

Setting Up Your Facebook Gaming Page

Once you set up your Gaming Creator page, use the tools under the Home tab and the left sidebar options to populate your page. For example, you can upload videos, sell merchandise, and create fundraisers. Facebook Gaming Creator pages are essentially a category of Facebook business pages, so some of the options may not apply to your needs.

You'll want to add as much content as possible to keep people on your page, but quality and consistency matter more than anything else. Stick to a regular streaming schedule, so your followers know when to expect new videos.

Home tab on the Facebook Gaming Creator page

How to Upload Videos to Facebook Gaming

To add videos, select the Videos tab at the top of your page, then choose Upload Video. Your Facebook Gaming live stream videos will appear under the Live tab on your gaming page.

If your goal is to make money, you'll need to do more than stream and upload gaming videos. You'll want to create posts to highlight them on your Home page. To manage your videos and more, select Visit Creator Studio or Creator Studio in the left sidebar.

Upload videos and Visit Creator Studio on Facebook Gaming page

Facebook Gaming Creator Studio

The Facebook Creator Studio is your hub for managing all of your pages, videos, and posts. It hosts your video metrics, earnings and offers tips for improving your performance. You can also create posts and upload videos from here.

Upload and Create Post in Facebook Creator Studio
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