How to Make Elixirs in Zelda: BOTW

Pick your critters and monster parts carefully

Need a short-term boost and protection from specific attacks or weather conditions in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Then you'll need to learn how to make elixirs in BOTW. If you're in bad environmental conditions or are facing a tough fight, elixirs might save you.

Use these elixirs in Breath of the Wild running on both the Switch and Wii U.

How to Make Elixirs in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

All elixirs in Breath of the Wild are a combination of animal parts and monster parts. Get animal parts from catching or buying animals like butterflies, crickets, and frogs. Get monster parts by picking them up after killing monsters. Every elixir in Breath of the Wild has two critical attributes: effect and duration.

  • Effect is what the elixir does. For example, the effect of a Chilly elixir is heat resistance. The animal used in the recipe determines its effect. If you base your potion on an animal with heat resistance, it will give you heat resistance. Check out the descriptions of animals in your inventory for more details.
  • Duration is how long the elixir lasts. The monster parts you use dictate its length. Common monster parts offer short-term benefits, while rare ones last longer.

The effects of some elixirs in BOTW are all or nothing: they work. In other cases, the more animal parts you use, the stronger the effect, and the more monster parts you use, the longer it lasts.

Create elixirs by throwing the ingredients into cooking pots, the same way you cook food.

A screenshot of making an elixir in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda: BOTW Elixir Guide

Remember, for all of these elixirs, you need monster parts, too. When you've made an elixir, you take it the same way you eat meals.

Chilly Elixir

In the Gerudo desert or another sweltering place and need to cool down? Make a Chilly Elixir using animals with heat resistance like Winterwing Butterflies or Cold Darners.

Electro Elixir

Is there a lightning storm, or are you fighting an Electric Lizalfos or Electric Wizzrobe? The short-term protection of an Electro Elixir will help. Make it using Electric Darners or Thunderwing Butterflies.

Enduring Elixir

Need to climb a particularly tall wall or tower, or swim a long way, and worried you wouldn't last? Add extra stamina with an Enduring Elixir made from Restless Crickets or Tireless Frogs.

Energizing Elixir

Are you climbing a wall or paragliding and running out of energy? Avoid plummeting to your doom by restoring your stamina wheels using an Energizing Elixir made from Restless Crickets.

Fireproof Elixir

Facing a fiery foe like some kinds of Chuchus, Wizzrobes, or Lizalfos? Protect yourself with a Fireproof Elixir made from Fireproof Lizard.

Hasty Elixir

Want to run or climb faster than normal? A Hasty Elixir made from Hot-Footed Frogs or Hightail Lizards will do the trick for a little while.

Hearty Elixir

Heading into a big fight with an adamant foe (I'm looking at you, Silver Lynel)? Add extra hearts to increase your lifespan by making an elixir using Hearty Lizards or Fairies.

Mighty Elixir

That tough fight we just mentioned? Don't just boost your hearts; increase the power of your attacks, too. Do it using a Mighty Elixir from Chuchu Jelly and Bladed Rhino Beetles.

Sneaky Elixir

Need to stay stealthy when creeping around big monsters or on tricky missions? A Sneaky Elixir makes it harder for you to be spotted. Make one using Sunset Fireflies.

Spicy Elixir

Heading into a snowy territory and don't have the cold-weather armor? Down a Spicy Elixir to boost your cold resistance. You'll need Warm Darners or Summerwing Butterflies.

Tough Elixir

For some tough battles, you may want to increase your defense against enemy attacks. In that cases, use Rugged Rhino Beetles to create a Tough Elixir.

A screenshot of the inventory featuring an elixir in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

All Elixir Recipes and Effects in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Here's a quick overview of the recipe needed for every elixir and what it does in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Elixir Name Ingredients  Effect  Levels of Effect?
Chilly Elixir Winterwing Butterfly or
Cold Darner
+ monster part
Heat resistance Yes
Electro Elixir Electric Darner or
Thunderwing Butterfly
+ monster part
Electric resistance Yes
Enduring Elixir Restless Cricket or
Tireless Frog
+ monster part
Adds extra stamina Yes
Energizing Elixir Restless Cricket
+ monster part
Restores stamina Yes
Fireproof Elixir Fireproof Lizard
+ monster part
Flame resistance
Hasty Elixir Hot-Footed Frog or
Hightail Lizard
+ monster part
Increases movement speed
Hearty Elixir Hearty Lizard or Fairy
+ monster part
Adds extra hearts Yes
Mighty Elixir Chuchu Jelly +
Bladed Rhino Beetle
Increases attack
Sneaky Elixir Sunset Firefly
+ monster part
Increases stealth
Spicy Elixir Warm Darner
Summerwing Butterfly
+ monster part
Cold resistance Yes
Tough Elixir  Rugged Rhino Beetle 
+ monster part
 Increases defense
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