How to Make a Divide Sign on a Keyboard

Use a keyboard shortcut for the division symbol, or pull up the emoji keyboard

What to Know

  • Copy ÷, or enter Alt + 0247 (Windows) or Option + / (Mac) to make the divide sign.
  • Or, type Win + . (period) in Windows or Ctrl + Cmd + Space on a Mac, and select it from the emoji keyboard.
  • On a phone or tablet, open the emoji keyboard and search for divide. Text replacement is another option.

This article explains how to type the division symbol on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Every device's keyboard works a little differently, so there are several ways to type the divide sign. We'll learn how to write the simple one (÷) and the emoji kind (➗), plus when to use the third type (/).

How to Make a Divide Sign On Windows

The fastest way to make a normal division symbol on Windows is with the alt code Alt + 0247 or Alt + 246. You'll type ÷ the moment you let go of the Alt key.

If you don't want to use that keyboard shortcut, you could also just copy ÷ as it's displayed here, and paste it wherever you need it to go.

If you're working in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and probably several other word processors, there's a built-in tool that support inserting the division symbol (the keyboard shortcut still works if you prefer it). Learn how to use special characters in Word or how to use the equation editor in Google Docs for those directions.

Division symbol in Microsoft Word

Using the Emoji Keyboard in Windows

Another method is with the built-in emoji keyboard. This will type a much larger divide sign, ➗, but you might prefer it this way.

  1. Select exactly where you want the divide sign to go. You can always move it later if you need to, but you'll save a little time to get it right the first time.

  2. Hold down the Windows key and then press . (period).

  3. Type divide to filter the results.

  4. Select the division symbol to insert it.

    Divide sign in Windows emoji tool

How to Make a Divide Sign on Mac

Of the many Mac keyboard shortcuts is this one, which will instantly type the division symbol: Option + /.

The other way is with the built-in Character Viewer:

  1. With the document open, go to Edit > Emoji & Symbols.

  2. Select Math Symbols from the left side.

  3. Browse for the divide sign, or type divide into the search box at the top.

  4. Select on the page where you want the symbol to go, and then select it from Character Viewer.

How to Make a Divide Sign on Android and iOS

This easiest way to do this is to type the emoji version of the division symbol, because that's the only one built-in to the keyboard. At the bottom of this page are directions for entering the normal divide sign.

  1. With the keyboard open, tap the emoji icon from the bottom bar.

  2. From the search box, type divide or division.

  3. Select the division symbol emoji to insert it.

    Smiley key, search bar, and divide emoji on Android keyboard

Use Gboard in Android to Make Division Symbol

If you'd rather, you can type the regular divide sign, but the steps are a bit more involved because we have to set up a shortcut.

Here's how to edit the personal dictionary for Gboard on Android so that when you type divide, it'll suggest the division symbol:

  1. Start by copying the division symbol (do this from your phone):

  2. Select inside any text area to pull up the keyboard, and then tap the settings icon above the keys.

  3. Go to Dictionary > Personal dictionary > English (US) (or whatever yours says) on the following screen.

    Settings, Dictionary, and Personal dictionary in Android keyboard settings
  4. Press the plus sign at the top, and then paste the divide sign from Step 1 into the first box.

  5. In the second box, enter whatever you want to use as the trigger word. This is what you'll type each time you want to enter the division symbol. We're using divide in our example.

  6. Use the back arrow at the top when you're done, and then test it out to make sure it works. If we type our shortcut word, divide, the division symbol is suggested in the row above the keys, and pressing it inserts it.

    Plus symbol, and divide symbol suggestion for Android Gboard keyboard

iOS and iPad users can do something similar. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement, and then follow steps 4 and 5 above. Note that this is a true replacement and not a suggestion like it is on Android, so you probably want to pick a shortcut that's not something you'll type by accident, like /div or ./..

The Slash Is Also a Divide Sign

In some contexts, you can type a forward slash to indicate division. This is usually how it works in spreadsheet formulas and other places that interpret math functions.

For example, you can type 144/12 into Google to calculate 144÷12 instead of needing to remember the division symbol alt code or any of the other steps provided above.

This is similar in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc. (for example, =144/12). In fact, in some cases, typing ÷ will break the formula if / is the only accepted way to express division.

  • How do I make a divide sign on a Chromebook?

    To type the division symbol on a Chromebook, press Ctrl+Shift+U, then type 00f7 and press Enter.

  • How do I multiply in Excel?

    The basic formula to multiply in Excel is = A1*A2. The multiplication sign or operator used in Excel formulas is the asterisk ( * ) symbol.

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