Make an Apple ID Without a Credit Card on iPod Touch

You don't need to file a payment method to download apps

iPod Touch
Getty Images/​Cate Gillon / Staff 

Normally when you create a new Apple ID (iTunes account), you'll also need to provide details of a payment method (usually your credit card). However, to get around this you can download a free app from the iTunes Store and create a new iTunes account at the same time. This method avoids the need to enter any payment options at all.

Follow the steps below to see how to create an Apple ID directly on the iPod Touch without having to provide your credit card details.

Download a Free App

  1. The first thing to do is tap the App Store icon on your iPod Touch's main screen.
  2. Browse the store to find a free app to download. If you're having a hard time finding one that you like the look of, then a quick way is to see what's in the App Store's charts. To do this, tap the Top 25 icon near the bottom of the screen and then hit the Free sub-menu tab (near the top).
  3. Once you have chosen a free app, tap on the Free button followed by Install App.

Creating a New Apple ID

  1. After you have tapped the Install App icon, a menu should be displayed on-screen. Choose the option: Create New Apple ID.
  2. Now select the name of your country or region by tapping on the appropriate option. This should already be automatically selected, but if not tap on the Store option to change it, followed by Next when done.
  3. In order to complete the remainder of the sign-up process, you'll need to agree to Apple's terms. Read the terms and conditions / Apple privacy policy and then tap on the Agree button followed by Agree again to confirm your acceptance.
  4. On the Apple ID and Password screen, enter the email address you want to associate with the new Apple ID by tapping the Email text box and entering the information. Tap Next to continue. Next, type in a strong password for the account followed by Next. Enter the same password again in the Verify text box and then tap Done to finish.
  5. Using your finger, scroll down the screen until you see the Security Info section. Complete each question in turn by tapping on the Question and Answer text box and typing in the answers.
  6. In the event you need to reset the account, it is a good idea to add a rescue email address. Type in an alternative email address in the Optional Rescue Email text box to provide this information.
  7. Enter your date of birth by using the Month, Day, and Year text boxes. If you are creating the iTunes account for your child, then make sure they are at least 13 years old (Apple's minimum age requirement). Click Next when done.
  8. You will notice on the Billing Information screen that there is now a 'none' option. Tap on this to select it as your payment option and then scroll down using your finger to complete the other required details (address, telephone number, etc.). Tap Next to continue.

Verifying Your New (Credit Card-Free) iTunes Account

  1. Tap the Done button on your iPod when you have read the message.
  2. To activate the new Apple ID, check the email account you used when signing up and look for a message from the iTunes Store. Click on the message and find the Verify Now link. Click on this to activate your Apple ID account.

A screen should now appear prompting you to sign in. Enter your Apple ID and password and then tap the Verify Address button to finish creating your iTunes Account.