How to Make a Widget on an iPhone

Customize your home screen with iPhone widgets

What to Know

  • To make a widget, download a third-party app from the app store, such as Widgetsmith.
  • The app should show you how to make a customizable widget.
  • On your home screen, tap and hold down until you see a plus sign in the top left corner. Tap on this to add your widget.

In this article, you'll learn how to make customizable widgets and widgets from third-party apps. You can do this on any iPhone with iOS 14 or later.

How to Make a Widget

In these steps, we'll use the app Widgetsmith to create a widget. You can download this app from the App Store.

Your iPhone already comes with some built-in widgets. If you don't want to make your own, you can check out the included widgets on iOS.

  1. After downloading Widgetsmith, open the app.

  2. Tap Add (Size) Widget to make a widget of your chosen size.

  3. Tap the added widget, then tap the Default Widget box.

  4. Edit your widget by choosing the style, font, and colors.

    Adding a date widget in Widgetsmith on iOS.
  5. Once you've finished editing, tap the back arrow in the top left and then tap Save.

  6. Exit the app and go to your home screen, then tap and hold until you see a plus icon in the top left corner.

  7. Now either search for Widgetsmith or tap on it in the directory.

  8. Choose which size widget you wish to add and tap on Add Widget. Then tap Done on your home screen.

  9. To change the widget to the one you created, tap and hold on the widget and then select Edit Widget.

    Editing a widget created with Widgetsmith on the iPhone.
  10. Select the widget you wish to show on your home screen from the list.

How Do You Customize Widgets on the iPhone?

Depending on what app you're using, customizing widgets may differ among each one. However, nearly all of them will use the same method of adding widgets to your home screen and editing them by holding down on the widget and tapping Edit Widget.

In the App Store, you can search for "customizable widgets," and you should be able to find apps you can make widgets on and then use on your iPhone home screen. Read the app's description to see what kind of widgets you can customize through the app.

You can also make shortcut widgets using the Shortcuts app that Apple introduced in the iOS 14 update. These widgets allow you to perform tasks in an app without having to open the app. These are different than most widgets, though, which mainly display information.

  • What are the most helpful widgets I could add to my iPhone?

    Users' interests and needs will vary, but consider adding the Weather widget to your Home screen so you can see the weather at a glance. Tap and hold on the screen, tap the plus sign, scroll to or search for Weather, then tap Add Widget. The Flipboard widget helps bring you the latest headlines at a glance. Download Flipboard for iOS, tap and hold on the screen, tap the plus sign, scroll to or search for Flipboard, then tap Add Widget.

  • How can I make a calendar widget to add to my Home screen?

    An easy way to do this is to add the Google Calendar widget. Download Google Calendar for iOS, tap and hold on the screen, tap the plus sign, scroll to or search for Google Calendar, then tap Add Widget.

  • How I remove a widget from my Home screen?

    Tap and hold the widget, then tap Remove Widget. Tap Remove again to confirm.

  • Do all apps have widgets?

    Many apps offer a Home screen widget, but not all. For example, if you download the Daily Budget iOS app, you'll be able to add its budgeting widget to your home screen, but other budgeting apps may not. Widget support is increasing, however, for many app categories.

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