How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

You can’t make this useful item, but we’ll show you how to get one.

In Minecraft, a saddle is a useful item you can use to ride horses and mobs. There is no recipe for the saddle, so you can’t make a saddle in Minecraft. Instead, you have to go exploring and find saddles out in the world.

Ways to Obtain a Saddle in Minecraft

There are four ways to obtain a saddle in Minecraft:

  • Exploring: Players can find saddles in chests in a variety of locations. The most common places are dungeons, temples, strongholds, and even villages.
  • Trading: If you can find a village with a master-level leatherworker, there’s a good chance that they’ll trade you a saddle for emeralds.
  • Fishing: One of the random items you can obtain from fishing is a saddle.
  • Drops: When you kill a mob that’s wearing a saddle, there’s a chance that it will drop the saddle.

How to Find a Saddle in Minecraft

If you spend any amount of time exploring your Minecraft world, you’ll eventually come across the sort of locations that can yield chests and saddles. There’s no real trick to this, as all you have to do is go exploring.

Here’s how to find a saddle in Minecraft:

  1. Go exploring, and uncover a location that contains chests, like a dungeon or temple.

    A desert temple in Minecraft.
  2. Locate and loot the chests.

    Chests in a desert temple in Minecraft.
  3. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a saddle.

    Saddles in a chest in Minecraft.

How to Trade for Saddles in Minecraft

Trading for saddles isn’t a sure thing either, as you need to find a master-level leatherworker villager, and even then, they won’t always trade one. If you exchange other items with a lower-level leatherworker village, they will level up over time, and eventually, they’ll offer up a saddle.

If you can't find a village without a leatherworker, craft and place a cauldron in a house that doesn't already have a workstation. A villager that doesn't yet have a job will see it and become a leatherworker, and you can level them up by trading.

Here's how to get a saddle from a villager in Minecraft.

  1. Locate a village.

    A desert village in Minecraft.
  2. Locate a leatherworker.

    A leatherworker in Minecraft.

    Look for a house with a cauldron in it to find a leatherworker.

  3. If the leatherworker isn’t a master, trade with them until they level up.

    Trading with a novice leatherworker in Minecraft.

    Make sure to have a bunch of emeralds ready to trade. Leatherworkers also want items like skins.

  4. If you’re lucky, the master leatherworker will trade a saddle for emeralds.

    Trading for a saddle with a master leatherworker in Minecraft.

How to Fish for Saddles in Minecraft

Fishing for saddles is probably the easiest way to obtain one in Minecraft, as all you have to do is make a fishing pole, park yourself next to some water, and fish until you get lucky. It's also time-consuming, though, as the chance to catch a saddle is very low. If you enchant your fishing rod, you can increase your chances.

Here’s how to catch a saddle in Minecraft:

  1. Make a fishing pole.

    Fishing in Minecraft.

    Enchant your fishing pole to increase your chances of reeling in treasure.

  2. Go fishing.

    Fishing in Minecraft.
  3. Continue fishing until you get lucky.

    Catching a saddle in Minecraft.

How to Loot Saddles in Minecraft

If you place a saddle on a mob and then kill them, it will drop the saddle 100 percent of the time. If you kill a mob that spawned with a saddle, the chances are much lower. You can increase the odds with a looting enchantment, but it’s still a relatively low chance.

While the chances of a mob dropping its saddle when you kill it are typically low, there is one exception. If you kill a ravager, it will drop its saddle 100 percent of the time. Ravagers only spawn during village raids.

Here’s how to loot a saddle in Minecraft:

  1. Locate a mob that’s wearing a saddle.

    A pig wearing a saddle in Minecraft.
  2. Kill the mob.

    Killing a pig in Minecraft.
  3. If you’re lucky, it will drop a saddle.

    A saddle in Minecraft.
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