How to Make a Potion of Haste in Minecraft

This potentially useful potion doesn’t exist, so don’t go looking for it

The Potion of Haste is a theoretical item in Minecraft that would grant the haste effect if it existed. Haste is a status effect in Minecraft which allows you to mine faster, so this would be a handy potion. If a one like this is ever available in the game, you’ll find a recipe below.

You can’t make a Potion of Haste in any version of Minecraft. If you find a recipe online, it will just be a suggestion or theory. If this item is ever added to the game, the real recipe will be available here.

What Is Haste in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Haste is a status effect that allows you to perform all actions 20 percent faster. It's most useful for mining, but it also allows you to dig, hoe, chop, and attack 20 percent more quickly. It’s similar to the efficiency enchantment, as a pickaxe with that enchantment can mine blocks faster. The difference is the efficiency enchantment only works on the one tool it’s placed on, while Haste affects everything you do as long as you have the status effect.

How Do You Get Haste in Minecraft?

While a potion to grant the Haste effect would be convenient, the reality is there is no Brewing Stand recipe to create a Potion of Haste in Minecraft. Therefore, to take advantage of the Haste effect in Minecraft, there are only two ways to gain this status effect. You either enter the Beacon range with the Haste effect active or as a part of the Conduit Power status effect you get when an active conduit is nearby.

Beacons provide status effects to a range of 20 blocks when at level one and up to 50 blocks away at level four. You also maintain the status effect between 11 and 16 seconds after moving out of range, based on the beacon's level. You can level up beacons by placing them on increasingly large pyramids made from mineral blocks.

The main catch with beacons is a beacon needs to have an unobstructed view of the sky, so using one to mine more quickly deep underground requires a large open pit.

Conduits work similarly to beacons, but they’re activated by the proximity of prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, or sea lanterns. At least 16 are required to activate one, and 42 are needed to level one up fully. When fully leveled, a beacon can grant you haste at a distance of up to 96 blocks.

The catch with conduits is they only work when placed underwater, and you only maintain the status effect for 10 seconds after leaving the water. That means they’re primarily helpful for mining underwater.

How Do You Mine Faster in Minecraft?

While you can’t use a Haste Potion on yourself in Minecraft, you can mine faster by placing the efficiency enchantment on a pickaxe.

Here’s how to get the efficiency enchantment on a pickaxe:

  1. Interact with an Enchanting Table to open the enchantment interface.

    A powered up Enchanting Table in Minecraft.
  2. Place a pickaxe and lapis lazuli into the interface, and select an option that provides the efficiency enchantment.

    The enchanting interface in Minecraft.
  3. Move the enchanted pickaxe into your inventory, and use it to mine faster.

    An enchanted pickaxe in Minecraft.
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