Let's Make A Minecraft Server!

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Minecraft's "Download Server" Page

Minecraft download page
Minecraft "Download Server" Page. Taylor Harris

Want to play Minecraft with your friends but don’t want to be on a public server with a bunch of other people? Maybe you want to play a certain map. Regardless of your reasoning, let’s jump right in!

What you’re going to do first is go to www.minecraft.net/download and download the respective “minecraft_server” file for either Mac or PC. Regardless of the version of Minecraft you are setting the server up for. The installation process for any of the server types should be the same, so just download the latest version for your system!

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Creating the Minecraft Server Folder

Minecraft Server Folder
Minecraft Server Folder. Taylor Harris

Create a folder in your desired location, it doesn’t matter where, but remember where it is. The name of the folder does not matter, but to be able to find it in a pinch, try naming it “Minecraft Server”. A location that I use is the desktop because it’s easy to find and navigate to!

Head to wherever the file has downloaded to from your browser and move the file into the folder you have created. After moving the file into the folder, open up the respective “minecraft_server” file and accept the security warning by clicking ‘Run’.

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The Minecraft "EULA" Agreement

End user license agreement message
The Minecraft "EULA" File. Taylor Harris

After Launching The File
After launching the file, a console will launch and will begin loading properties and things of that nature. You will see that it has said “Failed to load eula.txt” and is telling you “You need to agree to the EULA in order to run the server. Go to eula.txt for more info.”

It should either close by itself or stay open. If it has told you that you need to agree to the EULA and is stuck at that point, close the “minecraft_server” window.

Head into the folder that you have created and you should find some new files are in there. Open the .txt file that says “eula.txt” and open it in any text editor. Most computers come equipped with Notepad, so feel free to use that!

The EULA (End User License Agreement)
After opening the file named “eula.txt”, you will see various wording and then the phrase “eula=false”. After checking out the EULA at the link provided by Mojang in the Notepad, feel free to change the “eula=false” to “eula=true”. After changing it from ‘false’ to ‘true’, Save the file. Upon saving, you have agreed to Mojang’s EULA provided by them.

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Launching & Configuring Your Server!

Minecraft Server Window
Minecraft Server Window. Taylor Harris

Launching “minecraft_server”
Once again, open “minecraft_server” and the server should begin. To keep your server up and running, you will need to keep the file up. If at any point in time you need to stop the server, do not exit out of the window. Feel free to type “stop” into the command window.

Finding Out Your IP Address
To find out your IP Address, feel free to head to Google and search “What is my IP?”. When you do this, it should bring up your IP address immediately for you to see under the search bar. Make sure you write this down somewhere so you can easily give this address to anyone who will want to join your server.

Port Forwarding
To port forward your IP address, you will need to use your IP address given to you in the URL box of the preferred browser of your choice. When entering the IP into the URL box, you should be asked for a username and a password. This is different for most routers, so you may need to do some looking around for yours. You can start looking around for your default router username and password by going to PortForward.com and matching your router with the many routers given.

After getting into your router via username and password, find the “Port Forwarding” section of the router configuration. You can enter any name into the ‘Server Name’ aspect, but try and keep it something you will remember, like “Minecraft Server”. You will want to use the port 25565 and for the IP address, use the IP address given to you by Google. Set the protocol to “Both” and then save!

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That's It! - Have Fun w/ Your Minecraft Server!

Minecraft Characters
Minecraft Characters. Taylor Harris

That’s it! You should have a working Minecraft server by this point in the process. To allow somebody to come on to your server, give somebody your IP address and invite them! They should be able to connect and you should be able to see them in your world!

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