How to Make a Digital Business Card

Digital cards are much easier to create, share, and carry around with you

What to Know

  • Business card creation tools and apps such as HiHello are the fastest and easiest options.
  • You can also create and export your digital business card directly through Gmail.
  • Microsoft Word also has business card templates you can use.

This article explains how to create digital business cards with Microsoft Word, Google, on your iPhone, and free online.

How Can I Make a Digital Business Card Online for Free?

There are many websites and services to create digital business cards, but we’re going to focus on HiHello.

  1. Go to the HiHello website and select Create a Card to make a new account, or select Log In if you already have an account.

    Create a Card highlighted on HiHello website
  2. Click Add Card to begin creating a new digital business card.

    Add Card on HiHello website
  3. You can change the card’s accent color by clicking the colored dot you want.

    Purple accent highlighted on HiHello website
  4. Enter the information you want your digital business card to display (name, email, etc).

    Business card information entry fields highlighted on Hi Hello website
  5. Scroll down and click other categories you would like to add, such as Instagram or Twitter account names.

    Add categories highlighted on Hi Hello website
  6. Click Logo to upload an image or video clip you want to use for your card’s logo.

    Logo highlighted on Hi Hello website
  7. Click Upload a photo or video to select the image or video you would like to be the primary visual for your card.

    Upload a photo or video highlighted on HiHello website
  8. Your new digital business card has been created and can now be shared.

    Business card highlighted on HiHello website

How Do I Create a Digital Business Card With Google?

You can also create a digital business card with Google using Gmail.

You will need to log into or create a Gmail account for this process.

  1. Click the grid menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen and select Contacts.

    Grid menu and Contacts highlighted in Gmail
  2. From the Contacts page, click Create contact.

    Create contact highlighted in Gmail
  3. From the drop down menu, click Create a contact.

    Create contact highlighted in Gmail
  4. Enter in the information you want your card to display. Click Show more for additional fields you can fill out. Click on the placeholder profile icon at the top of the form to add your own profile picture.

    Show more and add photo highlighted in Gmail contacts
  5. Click Save to save your new contact creation.

    Save highlighted in Gmail contacts
  6. You can now look over your new contact and click Edit if you want to make any changes.

    Edit highlighted in Gmail contacts
  7. To turn this new contact into a shareable digital card, click the three dots to the left of Edit and select Export from the drop-down menu.

    Three dot menu and Export highlighted in Gmail contacts
  8. From the new pop-up menu, choose vCard to create a shareable file, then select Export.

    vCard highlighted in Gmail contacts
  9. The new card will also be added to your Contacts.

    Gmail business card saved in Apple Contacts
  10. You can share the newly created digital business card by sending it as an attachment in Gmail.

    Contacts.vcf Gmail business card file highlighted in file attachment window

How Do I Create a Digital Business Card in Word?

You may also use Microsoft Word to create digital business cards or a sheet of cards to print out.

Creating a business card in Word is more rigid than all of the other methods listed here. If you’re in a rush or want to keep things simple, consider one of the alternatives instead.

  1. Open Microsoft Word, select New, and search for “business card.”

    New and business card highlighted in the Microsoft Word search bar
  2. Choose a business card template you like most.

    Choose a template
  3. In the pop-up window, click Create to import and load the new template.

    Create in Microsoft Word business card template pop-up
  4. The template should automatically fill in some of your information (name, phone number, etc), but you can also enter it manually if needed. Click LOGO HERE to attach your personal or company logo. You can also move and resize the image to better fit the card layout.

    Email address and Logo Here highlighted in Microsoft Word business card template
  5. Once your card is finished you can save and export it as a new file and share the file via email attachment.

How Do I Create a Digital Business Card on My iPhone?

One of the simplest ways to create digital business cards on your iPhone is through business card creation apps. In this example, we’re using the HiHello app.

There are many business card creation apps available, so if you don’t like using HiHello you can always download something else.

  1. Download and install HiHello on your iPhone.

  2. Tap CREATE MY CARDS if you’re a new user or SIGN IN if you already have an account.

  3. To start creating a new card, first enter your name and tap NEXT.

    Get, Create My Cards, and Next in the Hi Hello app for iOs
  4. If relevant, add your job title and company name then tap NEXT.

  5. You will be prompted to choose a photo for your card. Select the image you want to use from your phone’s Camera Roll, adjust the size and cropping, then tap Choose.

  6. When you’re happy with the way your chosen image looks, tap NEXT.

    Next, Choose, and Next in HiHello app for iOS
  7. If necessary, enter your phone number. If not necessary, tap Skip in the top-right corner.

  8. Enter your email address and tap NEXT.

  9. If this is your first time using HiHello you will need to create an account password. Tap DONE when you’re finished.

    Skip, Next, and Done in HiHello app for iOS
  10. You may tap TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS or TURN ON LOCATION to give HiHello access to those features, or tap Skip in the top-right corner.

  11. If this is your first time using HiHello, the app will generate both a Work and a Personal business card for you using the information provided during setup.

    Skip and Work and Personal business cards in HiHello app for iOS
  12. Your digital business card has been created and added to your card library. To edit a card, begin by tapping the card you want to change, then tap Edit.

  13. Tap LOGO to attach a logo to your card.

    Work business card, Edit, and Logo highlighted in HiHello app for iOS
  14. Type in the name of the logo you want to search for and select the one you want from the results, then tap USE LOGO to add it to your card. Or you can tap UPLOAD to add your own custom logo.

  15. Scroll down to see additional information you can add, such as LinkedIn profile or Twitter handle.

  16. Tap Save when you're finished editing.

    Use logo and Save in HiHello app for iOS
  • How do I make a digital copy of my business card?

    Scan documents to Microsoft Word using a scanner or the Office Lens app on your phone, or use Image Capture to scan documents on Mac. If you order business cards through a company like Vistaprint, they might offer a digital card option.

  • Why have a digital business card?

    Since digital business cards don't have strict size restraints, you can include as much information as you want. You can even customize business cards for your work contacts, clients, or customers without having to worry about extra printing costs.

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