How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft

Light up your base at night, cook raw food, and collect honey with a Campfire

Before the first night falls, you should know how to make a Campfire in Minecraft. In addition to lighting up your base, Campfires can be used for cooking and collecting honey.

How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft

Here's how to collect everything you need to build a Campfire:

  1. Collect 3 Wood blocks. Chop down trees to get Wood blocks. Any type of wood will work (Oak, Spruce, Jungle, etc.).

    Chopping down Oak blocks in Minecraft
  2. Make 3 Sticks. Place 2 Wood Planks in the crafting grid to get sticks.

    Sticks in the Minecraft crafting grid

    To make Wood Planks, place a Wood block in the crafting grid. Use 4 Wood Planks to build a Crafting Table.

  3. Get Coal or Charcoal. Use a Pickaxe to mine Coal blocks, which can usually be found just below the surface. To make Charcoal, use a Furnace to smelt a Wood block.

    Charcoal in a Furnace in Minecraft
  4. Craft a Campfire. Open your Crafting Table and put Coal in the center box. Put a Stick in the middle box of the top row, then put Sticks on each side of the Coal in the middle row. Finally, place 3 Wood blocks in the bottom row.

    A Campfire in a Crafting Table in Minecraft

    To make a Soul Campfire, replace the Coal with Soul Sand or Soul Soil. Soul Campfires are dimmer and cause more damage with their flames.

  5. To use your Campfire, equip it and place it on the ground.

    A campfire in Minecraft

What Can You Do With a Campfire?

Every base needs a Campfire as a source of light at night. The light and smoke from your Campfire can help guide you back home if you go exploring in the dark. If you want to get honey from a beehive, you can place a Campfire beside the hive to avoid getting stung by bees. Most importantly, Campfires can be used for cooking.

To skip through the night in Minecraft, make a bed to sleep in until morning.

How to Cook in Minecraft

Equip the item you want to cook and interact with the Campfire to start cooking. You can add up to four items at a time. After about 30 seconds, you can collect the cooked food. Meat must be cooked before you can safely eat it, and cooking vegetables can enhance their properties or produce useful crafting ingredients.

Raw Chicken cooking on a Campfire in Minecraft

You can also cook items one at a time in a Furnace. Craft a Smoker to cook twice as fast.

What Is the Recipe for a Campfire in Minecraft?

Here's what you need to make a Campfire in Minecraft:

  • 3 Sticks
  • 1 Coal or 1 Charcoal
  • 3 Wood
  • How do I put out a campfire in Minecraft?

    You can extinguish a Minecraft campfire by using a bucket to pour water directly on top of it, hitting it with a splash potion, or hitting it with a shovel.

  • How do I light a campfire in Minecraft?

    If you've got a campfire but it isn't lit, you can get it going again using flint & steel, or hitting it with enchanted items that have been imbued with fire. Campfires can also be lit via fire spreading, whether it's from lava, a wildfire, or burning enemies or player characters.

  • Can food burn in a campfire in Minecraft?

    No, food that's cooking on a campfire will not burn. Once it's finished cooking (after 30 seconds) it will automatically pop out of the campfire and you can collect it.

  • How do I increase the height of my Minecraft campfire's smoke column?

    A regular campfire will produce a column of smoke about 10 blocks high, but you can increase that height by placing a hay bale (crafted using nine pieces of wheat) beneath the campfire. Smoke columns from campfires placed on top of a hay bale can get up to 24 blocks high.

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