Maintaining a Custom Folder View for Outlook Folders

How to customize views for multiple folder in Outlook

Outlook email folder system on computer


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Outlook's Views are a wonderful tool to automatically sort, quickly find and rapidly rearrange messages in any folder. Each folder can have its own special view, perfectly suited to your needs.

But what if you have multiple folders that share certain characteristics demanding a particular, custom view? And what if, more importantly, you want to modify this view? Will the update be applied to all folders automatically? The answer is yes.

Instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and Outlook 365.

Maintain a Custom Folder View for a Number of Outlook Folders

To keep a custom folder view for multiple Outlook folders:

  1. Select View > Current View > Change View > Manage Views from the menu.

    Selecting to manage views in Outlook.
  2. Create a new custom view with your desired characteristics using either the New or the Copy button.

    • Make sure your view can be used on All Mail and Post folders.
    Selecting to create a new view in Outlook.
  3. Click Close.

  4. For each of the folders you want to use the new view, highlight the folder.

  5. Select View > Current View and your view's name from the menu.

    Selecting the newly created view via menu.
  6. Alternatively, select View > Current View > Change View > Manage Views.

  7. Select the new view and select Apply View.

    Selecting the newly created view via Manage views in Outlook.

If you change your view's settings via View > Current View > Change View > Manage Views > Modify from the menu, all folders with the view applied will be updated automatically.