Create a Mailing List in Thunderbird or Netscape

It's simple to send an email en masse

Some emails are intended for one person only. Others need to go out to a group of people. Using Cc: or Bcc: is fine, but mailing lists are easier and more elegant. Fortunately, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape, and Mozilla include support for simple mailing lists.

Create a Mailing List in Mozilla Thunderbird

To set up a mailing list in Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla:

  • Select Window | Address Book from the menu.
    • The command is Task | Address Book in Netscape 6 and Communicator | Address Book in Netscape 4.
  • Click on New List.
  • Specify which address book the list should be added to.
  • Give the mailing list a Name, Description, and Nickname.
  • Start adding addresses by typing them in the list, one at a time.
  • Close the dialog.
  • Click OK.

Send a Message to Your List

Now that you have a list in your Netscape address book, mailing a group of people is really easy.