MailBigFile - Large File Sending Service


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MailBigFile is a fast and simple way to send large files (up to 2 GB for free) to a single email recipient. A pro version allows for larger files and more downloads as well as secure connections, but you still cannot password-protect your files.


  • MailBigFile lets you send larger files via email with speed and ease
  • A progress meter shows how far your upload has advanced
  • Paid versions of MailBigFile support larger files (up to 20 GB), secure connections, more downloads per file, tracking and custom artwork


  • MailBigFile free stores files for only 10 days or 20 downloads, supports only one recipient per file
  • You cannot submit messages and files via email to MailBigFile
  • Downloads cannot be protected with a password


  • MailBigFile lets you send files up to 2 GB (free), 4 GB (Pro) or 50 GB (Business) to any email recipient.
  • Files are available for 10 days or 20 downloads (50 downloads for longer times for paid accounts).
  • Paid accounts can receive a notification when files are downloaded.
  • All files uploaded to MailBigFile are automatically scanned for known viruses.
  • Paid MailBigFile accounts include an address book as well as apps for iOS and desktop computers.

Expert Review - MailBigFile

Emails are designed to hold file attachments, so sending any file to any recipient should be easy—should be and certainly could be, but often is not. Transferring smaller files is usually no problem, but larger files (several dozen MB) meet the opposition of mailbox and message size restrictions.

Sending Files Is Easy with MailBigFile

Fortunately, a file to send and an email address to mail is still all you need to deliver your content with MailBigFile. Using a form that could hardly be easier, you specify the file and the recipient, press "Send File", and there it goes.

Free and Pro Versions

While you wait for the file to upload, MailBigFile entertains you with a progress indicator. Typically, you will not see it for too long, because MailBigFile is pretty fast, and because the free service allows for files only up to a reasonable—and still very useful—2 MB. Paid versions of MailBigFile support files up to 50 GB in size, and the recipient gets more time (10 days for the free version) to download.

Paid accounts also let you protect downloads with a password, send files via HTTPS, track and manage files and use an iOS app.

Even MailBigFile Free Can Be Very Useful

Back at free MailBigFile, it can be a bit limiting to be restricted to one recipient at a time (pro offers five), and you cannot send yourself a copy for the records (you do get a confirmation email if you enter your address, though). Still, even the free version of MailBigFile is great for quickly sending a larger file with as little complication and hassle as possible.