Do Let People Know Their Email Has Been Received

Let People Know Their Mail Has Been Received. ©
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So, you have collected all the information, packed it into an email carefully crafted and easy to read, added a nice salutation as well as an enticing subject and sent it.

No reply is necessary, of course… but… have they at all received the email you so diligently composed? Probably. Maybe, though, they have not?

Do Let People Know Their Mail Has Been Received

Sometimes, emails get lost or fall prey to overeager spam filtering.

  • If it is not obvious to the sender that you have gotten their message (because you move forward a project in which they are also involved, for example),
  • do send a quick note back, possibly involving an informal thank-you, to acknowledge receipt even if no reply is necessary otherwise.

Do Let People Know Even If You Plan to Reply Later

Even if you do plan to reply later, an email acknowledging receipt and letting the sender know when you will get back to them can be welcome.