Mail Print Automatic Email Printing Tool Review

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Mail Print automatically prints emails and attachments from multiple POP accounts. You can filter some, but more control over what gets printed and how it looks could be nice.


  • Mail Print prints emails in multiple POP accounts automatically as they come in.
  • Attached files can be printed using their native applications, too.
  • Filtering by sender domain or subject, you can control what is printed.


  • Mail Print could offer more precise filtering.
  • You can automatically print only mail coming in a POP account.
  • More control over the printing template would be nice.


  • Mail Print automatically prints incoming email messages.
  • You can set up multiple POP accounts for Mail Print to check.
  • Mail Print prints messages, attached files or both.
  • Image attachments are handled internally, but most files are sent to their default applications for printing.
  • You can print messages only from senders at specified domain names.
  • Subject line filtering lets you leverage spam and virus filters.
  • In rich text emails, Mail Print can exclude embedded images. Long lines in plain text emails are rewrapped.
  • Mail Print supports Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista.

Mail Print 1.3 Automatic Email Printing Tool

Do you like paper, is your printer bored, do you want to have a physical record of incoming mail, or does your boss prefer his attachments printed perhaps? Reasons to print are legion. Ways to print emails automatically are not.

Many email programs cannot send incoming messages to the printer automatically, and those that can usually do it in less than optimal a manner.

Mail Print vows to help you out. Checking any number of POP email accounts at an interval, Mail Print retrieves messages and prints them right away. If you want, Mail Print can print attachments as well, using the default program for the file type (e.g. Word for .doc documents). Unfortunately, Adobe Reader can act up a bit.

If you do not want or need to print every single email, Mail Print can focus on just messages from chosen domains. In addition, you can include or exclude certain keywords in subjects. Still, filtering could be more flexible. It could also be nice to change the print template used by Mail Print.

Once it's set up, Mail Print works like a breeze — checking for mail and printing unattended.