How Much Mail You Can Send Per Day in Zoho Mail?

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Given the number of accounts Zoho supplies subscribers, the company handles a lot of data. To keep Zoho Mail running without hiccups for all (and to prevent unscrupulous users from sending spam in the form of bulk mail), Zoho limits the amount of mail you can send and receive per day. 

For Zoho's Free Edition

The amount of mail Zoho allows you to send each day depends on how many users are in your account. If you're using Zoho's Free Edition and your account has up to four users, each can send up to 50 emails; for example, if your account has three users, a total of 150 emails can be sent from the account. If your account has more than four users, you're still  limited to 200 emails per day. (Zoho considers one day as midnight to 11:59 pm.)

For Zoho's Paid Edition

Each confirmed and active user on an account in Zoho's Paid Edition is allotted 300 emails per day – up to 1500 emails from five email addresses within one organization.

If You Need to Send More Emails

Among its many apps, Zoho offers a customer relationship manager (CRM) module. While the free version doesn't offer mass emailing, the company's paid versions have various daily email limits per account:

  • Standard - 250
  • Professional - 500
  • Enterprise - 1000

Organizations can also opt to pay an additional fee to increase their mass email limit to as many as 2250 per organization, per day.