How Much Mail You Can Send Per Day in Zoho Mail?

Given the number of accounts Zoho supplies subscribers, the company handles a lot of data. To keep Zoho Mail running without hiccups for all (and to prevent unscrupulous users from sending spam in the form of bulk mail), Zoho CRM limits the amount of mail you can send and receive per day. However, Zoho mail is now free of those restrictions.

Zoho Mail Personal and Business

In the past, Zoho Mail had sending limits, based on the level of your subscription plan. Free users could send fewer emails per day than people with pricier subscription plans. With competition like Gmail offering unlimited mail and tons of storage, Zoho needed to adapt. Now, none of their email plans have sending limits.

You can easily sign up for a free Zoho Mail account for personal use, and send as much email as you need to. Like most other free personal mail options, you don't have access to custom domains or any business-centered features, but you'll be able to do most everything you need.

screenshot of Zoho Mail business pricing

Zoho has several options for businesses, all of which don't have mail limits. They offer different amounts of storage, attachment sizes, and business-grade features. Zoho Mail also limits access to IMAP and POP3 support to its business plans, including use of its mobile apps.

Zoho CRM

Individuals don't have much use for a customer relationship manager (CRM) module, but businesses, who are Zoho's main target customers, need CRM to manage and generate customer leads and relationships. Email is part of any good CRM system, and Zoho offers varying email services on its different plans.

screenshot of Zoho CRM pricing and features

For Zoho's Free Edition

The amount of mail Zoho allows you to send each day depends on how many users are in your account. If you're using Zoho's Free Edition, you won't have access to Zoho's mass email or developer scripted send mail functions. You'll need to send your email the old fashioned way, through your regular email accounts.

For Zoho's Paid Editions

Zoho CRM has multiple tiers to fit your business. Each one has its own limits for Zoho's mailing features, mass mail and sending mail through its developer interface. All of Zoho's paid options let your developers send up to 1000 emails per day. For a bulk email campaign, the breakdown is as follows:

  • Standard - 250/day
  • Professional - 500/day
  • Enterprise - 1000/day

Organizations can also opt to pay an additional fee to increase their mass email limit to as many as 2250 per organization, per day.

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