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mail - send and receive mail


mail [-iInv ] [-subject ] [-cc-addr ] [-bcc-addr ] to-addr... 
mail [-iInNv -f ] [name ] 
mail [-iInNv [-user ] ]

See Also

fmt(1), newaliases(1), vacation(1), aliases(5), mailaddr(7), sendmail(8)


Mail is an intelligent mail processing system, which has a command syntax reminiscent of ed1 with lines replaced by messages.


Verbose mode. The details of delivery are displayed on the user's terminal.


Ignore tty interrupt signals. This is particularly useful when using mail on noisy phone lines.


Forces mail to run in interactive mode even when input isn't a terminal. In particular, the `~ ' special character when sending mail is only active in interactive mode.


Inhibits reading /etc/mail.rc upon startup.


Inhibits the initial display of message headers when reading mail or editing a mail folder.


Specify subject on command line (only the first argument after the -s flag is used as a subject; be careful to quote subjects containing spaces.)


Send carbon copies to list of users.


Send blind carbon copies to list List should be a comma-separated list of names.


Read in the contents of your mbox (or the specified file) for processing; when you quitmail writes undeleted messages back to this file.


Is equivalent to:

mail -f /var/spool/mail/user