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The Bottom Line and GMX Mail are reliable email services that do a good job of filtering spam and viruses while providing unlimited online storage you can use with a rich web interface and mobile apps. POP and iMAP access are available as a paid add-on. However, smarter ways to organize mail would be beneficial.


  • GMX Mail offers a rich web interface and apps for mobile access.
  • Unlimited online storage and messages up to 50 MB allow for lots of mail and large attachments.
  • GMX Mail can retrieve mail from your other accounts (including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and


  • GMX Mail does not support encrypted mail and cannot display remote images per sender.
  • You cannot label mail, find related messages fast or set up smart folders in GMX Mail.
  • GMX Mail cannot sort mail based on past actions.


  • GMX Mail (also available as offers email accounts including unlimited online storage for email.
  • POP and IMAP access in desktop email programs is available as a paid premium service.
  • You can read mail from other email accounts (including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and in GMX Mail.
  • All mail is scanned for viruses, and a learning spam filter keeps GMX Mail Inboxes clean.
  • Flexible filters can sort incoming mail into custom folders or forward it, for example.
  • GMX Mail's rich web interface includes drag and drop ease as well as rich-text email formatting.
  • While you're away from computers, GMX Mail can send a vacation auto-reply.
  • You can have GMX Mail delete mail from any folder (not just "Spam" and "Trash") after a certain number of days.
  • Apps for Android and iOS offer GMX Mail and on the go.
  • In addition to an address book, GMX Mail also includes a calendar and online storage (to which you can save attached files).
  • Attachments can be up to 50 MB in size with GMX Mail and

Review - and GMX Mail

GMX Mail, which is also available with slight differences as, opens in a new browser window — and into an experience much owed to desktop email programs. You get toolbars and drag-and-drop and menus and panes and folders and rich-text editing and keyboard shortcuts (which can be a tad cryptic). Solid Underpinnings and Getting Mail Into and Out of It

Behind GMX Mail's polished interface are robust underpinnings: GMX Mail is highly reliable and comes with unlimited online email storage.

Its virus scanning is exemplary, and a host of spam filters perform solidly — albeit not perfectly. You can mark mail as junk easily, though, and the filters should learn.

If the GMX Mail web interface is not your thing — or, maybe even more importantly, to get your mail into and out of GMX Mail —, access via both POP and IMAP is available as a paid service. GMX Mail reaches out in the other direction, too: you can set it up to retrieve mail from multiple POP and Yahoo! Mail accounts. Of course, you can send mail with your any address in the From: line.

Handling Mail with and GMX Mail

True to its solid desktop email program roots, GMX Mail gives you folders and filters for sorting mail. You cannot, alas, apply free-form labels or use search folders for even more flexible organizing. GMX Mail does include a handy and fast search feature, of course, including a few search operators.

Shortcuts to finding related messages — in the same thread, for example, or mail exchanged with a sender — would be nice.

GMX Mail's address book works well and a lot like the Outlook contacts you love — or at least know. In addition to email and contacts, GMX Mail offers a mature calendar and 2 GB of file storage (where you can save attachments, too, which GMX Mail, by the by, laudably handles up to 50 MB in size).

The parts could integrate better, though.

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