How to Email Every Contact in Your Outlook Address Book

Send an email to all your contacts at once

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Sending an email to everyone in your contact list probably isn't something you think about doing every day. However, sometimes you need to contact everyone, and typing each email address individually is simply not the best way to do it.

Instead, you can send an email to your whole address book in Outlook by selecting all of your contacts at once and importing those addresses into the message. It's even easy to remove a handful of addresses from that selection, and still a lot faster than manually typing all of them.

How to Send One Email to All Your Outlook Contacts

Emailing everyone in your address book is as easy as adding all your contacts to the Bcc field.

  1. Start a new message. You can do this with the New Email button in the Home tab of newer versions of Outlook, or with the New button in older versions.

  2. Click or tap the To... button to the left of the text box where you normally enter names and addresses of your contacts.

  3. Highlight all of the contacts you want to email. To get all of them, click the first at the top, hold down the Shift key, and then select the last one. If you want to exclude any of them from the selection, just hold Ctrl or Command and click those specific contacts.

  4. Click/tap Bcc at the bottom of the contacts window to insert all of those addresses into the Bcc field.

    Do not insert the addresses into the To box. When you're emailing multiple people like this, take their privacy into consideration by hiding every address from every other recipient.

  5. Type your email address in the To field. This will make the email appear to have been sent to and from you—again, to hide the other addresses from displaying in the email. 

  6. Press OK to close that window and insert those addresses into the new message. Double-check that the email addresses are in the Bcc... field.

  7. Finish composing the email and then press Send.

Why Would You Do This?

Maybe you have a mailing list and your only option is to email dozens or even hundreds of contacts at once, making it unrealistic to send out individual emails. It's important in this situation to get a hold of every email address you have.

Sending a mass email is also helpful if you've changed your email address and want to keep everyone informed, or there might be critical or time-sensitive news that you need to deliver to everyone simultaneously. Emailing all of your contacts separately could take a very long time. No matter the reason for doing it, it should only take you about a minute to email all your address book contacts.


Sending an email to a huge number of people at one time probably isn't a common occurrence, but if you plan on doing this more than once, it would be faster to make a distribution list. That way, you can just email one contact group that holds all of the other addresses within it.

Another good practice when sending mass emails is to address the email to a contact called "undisclosed recipients." Not only is that a little more professional looking than having the email appear to be from you, it also reinforces the idea that recipients should not "Reply All."