Polk Audio Adds The MagniFi One To Its Sound Bar Line-up

Polk Audio MagniFi One Sound Bar/Subwoofer System
Polk Audio MagniFi One Sound Bar/Subwoofer System. Image provided by Polk Audio

Sound Bars continue to be a popular option for improving sound for TV viewing, and there seems to be no let up in the continuing flow of new product offerings in this product category. So, just when you thought there are too many sound bar choices, Polk Audio is offering up a another choice for consumers, the MagniFi One.

The Basics

The Polk Audio MagniFi One 34.72-inches wide (which provides a good physical and soundfield match for TVs with 32 to 46-inch screen sizes), and can be either shelf or wall mounted.

Also, the MagniFi One is only about 2-inches tall, which means that if you place it in front of your TV, it won't block the bottom edge the screen, or block your TVs remote control sensor, which can be an issue with some other sound bars that are on the market.

Audio Decoding and Processing

The MagniFI One provides Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1 channel decoding (the 5.1 channel decoded signal is folded within the two-channel configuration of the sound bar for playback), with some added audio features provided by Polk Audio that are designed to further complement the listening experience including:

Voice Adjust - The features makes dialog and music vocals more prominent, so that they aren't buried within the all those sound effects or instruments)

Preset Listening Modes - Movies, Sports, and Music Modes to better match sound characteristics from content in those categories.

Night Effect - Boosts bass response when listening at low volumes.

There is natural drop off in bass output when volume is turned down. The Night Effect compensates for that loss, but without overwhelming the mid and high frequencies.

Bass Drive Technology - Provides smooth blending of the crossover frequency point between the sound bar and subwoofer. Also, subwoofer volume level can be adjusted independently from the sound bar to provide the best low frequency listening experience based on placement and user preference.

Additional Features

Bluetooth - Allows direct music streaming from compatible devices, such as many smartphones and tablets.

Smart Bar - Although the MagniFi One comes with its own remote control, the Smart Bar feature allows many TV and home theater remotes to learn its control commands - which means one less remote control to worry about.


Physical connections provided on the MagniFi includes 1 digital optical input, and a set of analog stereo (3.5mm) inputs. On the other hand, the MagniFi One does not have any pass-through video or HDMI connections.

More Info

The Polk MagniFi One has a suggested price of $299.95 - Official Product Page

Also available, the Polk Audio MagniFi (without the "One" in the model name).

Feature Differences on the MagniFi

The MagniFi is 3.1 Channel Sound Bar/Subwoofer System with 300 watts total power output, and also includes NFC, which allows one-touch contact to enable direct music streaming from an NFC-enabled smartphone, and DJ Stream, which is a free downloadable smartphone app from Polk that can incorporate the sound bar into a wireless multi-speaker music listening environment. Also, the MagniFi is slightly wider than the MagniFi One, at 38-inches.

However, the MagniFi does not include the Sports Listening Mode or Night Effect Bass Compensation.

Suggested Price for the Polk Audio MagniFi is $499.99 - Official Product Page

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