9 Magical Walt Disney World Apps for iPhone

Plan Your Trip With These Disney Apps

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World? The App Store has you covered with everything from maps to schedules to wait times accessible right from your iPhone or iPod touch. Of the many Disney World apps for iPhone, these are some of the most useful for visitors to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We also cover the best iPhone apps for Disneyland in a separate review. 

Walt Disney World Maps Box Set

The bestselling Walt Disney World Maps app contains full-size maps for the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and other Disney theme parks in Orlando. For each map, you can search for individual rides or attractions and prioritize your must-visit list. You can also locate your position on the map using the iPhone’s GPS, but some users report that this feature is a little slow.

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Disney World Dining

Trying to decide where to eat at Disney World? The popular Disney World Dining app includes full menus for all 160 restaurants, making it easy to determine which restaurants to visit and which to skip. The Disney World Dining iPhone app will also locate the restaurants closest to your location, in addition to one-touch dialing for the Disney dining reservations number. 

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Walt Disney World Park Hours

The opening times for Disney World can vary based on the time of year or special events. Fortunately, the Walt Disney World Park Hours app includes frequently updated information on opening and closing times, in addition to daily event schedules for shows and parades. This Disney World app covers the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and the water parks. 

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Walt Disney World Notescast

The Walt Disney World Notescast app contains pretty much everything you would need to know about Disney World. With 300 pages of information and more than 500 photos, the app details coming attractions, parade schedules, important phone numbers, Disney World tips, and the history of the park. What’s really great about this app is that you can use it offline, so you won't need to hunt down an Internet connection.

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Disney World Wait Times Free

There are a number of Disney World wait-time apps, but most are only as good as the people who use them since they rely on user-generated content. A free app is usually your best bet in this category, as more people are likely to download and use it. Since it’s free, the Disney World Wait Times app (Free, VersaEdge Software) contains ads; you can upgrade to a paid version if that bothers you.

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Mouse Memo

Mouse Memo is a handy iPhone app that organizes all of the travel information you’ll need during your trip to Walt Disney World. Enter and track your hotel confirmation numbers, dining reservations, rental cars, tee times, flights, and more. If you’re a chronically disorganized traveler, this Disney World app can help keep your vital information organized.

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Disney World Magic Guide

Disney World Magic Guide (Free) s a comprehensive app that has practically everything you'll need for your next trip to Walt Disney World. This information-packed app includes opening times, GPS-enabled maps, restaurant menus, ride descriptions, and more. The only downside is that it doesn't include maps for Downtown Disney or the water parks. 

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WDW Countdown

For those who can't wait until their next Disney World trip, the WDW Countdown app will help build the anticipation. The app, which was recommended by reader, includes a countdown timer with a variety of different picture backgrounds -- you can even upload your own Disney pictures. Push notifications and an app badge will keep you updated on how long until the big day. 

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WDW Radio

WDW Radio (Free, Second Star Media) provides access to Lou Mongello's popular Disney World podcast. The podcast is excellent and covers everything from travel tips, hotel reviews, interviews, dining options, and more. There is other content available as well, including forums, Mongello's blog, and an online store, but most of these items link to an external webpage that is not optimized for the iPhone. 

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