Magic Leap Announces Next-Generation AR Glasses

With improved dimming tech for outdoor use

While virtual reality snags all of the big headlines, augmented reality devices are still innovating at a steady clip.

Case in point? Industry stalwart Magic Leap is back with a refresh of their AR glasses, as announced in a company blog post by CEO Peggy Johnson. The Magic Leap 2 glasses feature a number of innovations over the previous iteration, such as a wider field of view, a smaller form factor, and perhaps most importantly, embedded dimming technology to improve outdoor use. 

Magic Leap 2 AR

Magic Leap

The company has not yet revealed actual tech specifications, a release window, or price. Johnson has, however, noted that Magic Leap is pivoting to an enterprise model. The Magic Leap 2 looks to be designed to help remote workers connect and train while away from the office. 

This business-focused pivot should not leave average consumers out in the cold, however, as Johnson said Magic Leap is open to licensing the technology to consumer products. 

“In fact, we have received several requests to license our technology and will actively pursue these opportunities if they enhance our position and ability to innovate in the enterprise market,” she wrote. 

The coming years should see a number of consumer-focused AR products enter the market, as companies such as Facebook, Qualcomm, and even Apple are all rumored to be developing AR-enabled glasses or related devices. Also, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 has found some success in the consumer space by partnering with companies such as Snapchat and Niantic, the makers of Pokemon Go.

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