Mafia Wars Cheats, andHints

Mafia Wars
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Mafia Wars is a very popular game played on different social networking sites including Facebook and MySpace. Use these cheats, hints, tips, glitches, FAQs and strategies for Mafia Wars to help you get the most out of the game and become a stronger Mafia. This is a collection of the best Mafia Wars resources on the Internet.

Mafia Wars Achievements

Mafia Wars
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This list of Mafia Wars achievements will help to ensure that you get credit for your actions. All of the Mafia Wars achievements, along with how to unlock the are listed here.

Mafia Wars Jobs and Experience Payouts

This page lists all of the jobs within the Facebook game Mafia Wars, as well as showing which of them gives you the best energy to experience ratio. Why waste your time doing the jobs that simply don't give you the experience you deserve. Use this list of Mafia Wars job and experience ratios to determine the best jobs to do, no matter what level you are.

Mafia Wars Looted Items Locations and Information

Use this list of Mafia Wars looted items to help you get jobs done quicker. Looking for firebombs, TNT, private jets or another item in Mafia Wars? Its all on this list.

Mafia Wars Top Mafia Selection Guide

Choosing your Top Mafia in Mafia Wars on Facebook is important for the overall success of your Boss. There are some definite benefits for taking some time to select the right person for the job. Assign your best mafia members to positions within your mafia. Each position has a unique bonus which can be greater depending on who gets promoted to that position.

Mafia Wars Money and Experience Glitch for iPhone and iTouch

Mafia Wars is a game that is available for the iPhone and iTouch via a free download in the App Store. With this Mafia Wars glitch you'll be able to level up quickly and purchase properties so that your Mafia always has a good cash flow. If you play the game often you might be interested to know about this glitch, which allows you to have a virtual endless supply of money and energy. Note: This glitch has been tested and verified to work on the iPhone Mafia Wars up to version 1.1 (the current version). Take advantage of it now.