Mafia II Playboy Locations and Xbox 360 Achievements List

Find every magazine and increase your gamerscore with this guide

Mafia II cover

2k Games

Mafia II is an action-adventure video game published by 2K Games on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in 2010. The second installment of the Mafia series, it tells the story of 1940s Italian mobster Vito Scaletta and his rise through the ranks of Empire Bay's organized crime family. While there are no actual cheats for Mafia II on the Xbox 360, there are ways to access every Playboy magazine collectible and achievement in the game.

This guide is specifically for the Xbox 360 version of Mafia II.

Mafia II Playboy Magazine Locations

Developers love to hide collectibles in open-world games, and Mafia II is no different. Throughout Vito's journey, he can pick up a number of vintage Playboy magazines. Here's where to find them.

Story Chapter Mission Location
Chapter 2  Follow Joe to His Garage On Joe's coffee table.
Chapter 2 Car Crusher On a shelf in the three-car garage.
Chapter 3 The Southport Docks On the floor outside Derek's office.
Chapter 3 Drive to Maria Angello's On the floor of Maria's apartment.
Chapter 3 Get Inside the Office On the first floor security guard desk.
Chapter 3 Get Inside the Office On the floor of the basement storage room.
Chapter 4 Get Out of the Mall In a box on the stairwell landing.
Chapter 4 Get Out of the Mall By the locked doors in the second stairwell.
Chapter 4 Fend Off the Cops On the rooftop.
Chapter 4 Go to Sleep At the bottom of the stairs.
Chapter 5 Kill the Fat Man Go upstairs after leaving the apartment with Henry and Joe.
Chapter 5 Kill the Fat Man On the first floor of the distillery office on a shelf.
Chapter 5 Kill the Fat Man On the 5th floor while escorting Henry.
Chapter 6 Contact Leo Galante Under the sleeping prisoner.
Chapter 6 Contact Leo Galante Behind the gray shack near the basketball court.
Chapter 6 Go to the Guard On top of the dryer.
Chapter 7 Catch Up With Joe In the gun store near the stairs.
Chapter 7 Drive With Joe to Apartment At the end of the hall on the top floor.
Chapter 7 Drive With Joe to Apartment On the second floor hallway table.
Chapter 7 Drive With Joe to Apartment On the kitchen table inside the apartment.
Chapter 8 Take Out the Greasers In a shack in the foundry.
Chapter 8 Take Out the Greasers On the ground near some oil drums.
Chapter 8 Take Out the Greasers In a shack in a narrow alley.
Chapter 9 Head to Maltese Falcon On top of the bar.
Chapter 9 Find Way into Slaughterhouse The tunnel to the left of the sewage dump.
Chapter 9 Slaughterhouse Interior On the floor in the first slaughterhouse area.
Chapter 9 Save Your Guys On a shelf near the entrance.
Chapter 10 Find Cleaners Uniform On a desk in the laundry area.
Chapter 10 Follow Joe to Roof Downstairs on the floor.
Chapter 10 Find Window Washing Platform Near the elevator generator.
Chapter 11 Get the Door On the bathroom floor.
Chapter 11 Drive Leo to Train Station On a window sill on the second floor of the house.
Chapter 11 Drive Leo to Train Station In the second floor bathroom.
Chapter 11 Go Home  On the bedroom floor.
Chapter 11 You Must Get Dressed On the floor by Joe's bed.
Chapter 11 Catch Irish Leader Under a box in the hallway.
Chapter 12 Drive to Seagift Warehouse Between the delivery truck and the crates.
Chapter 12 Drive to Seagift Warehouse In an alley behind the dumpsters.
Chapter 12 Get Out of Here! Under the green power panel on the wall.
Chapter 13 Find Wong In the back corner of the main dining area.
Chapter 13 Find Wong On a wooden crate in the opium den.
Chapter 13 Find Wong On a box in the armory basement.
Chapter 14 Get Out of the Building with Joe The narrow area in the eastern edge of the building.
Chapter 14 Floor 3 On a stack of burning pallets.
Chapter 14 Floor 3 In the back corner of the room with a single shooter.
Chapter 15 Observatory In the first floor stairwell.
Chapter 15 Observatory Roof The western edge of the roof.
Chapter 15 Observatory Interior Behind the telescope.
Chapter 15 Leave the Observatory Under the projector.

Mafia II Xbox 360 Achievements

The following achievements can be earned by playing Mafia II on the Xbox 360 console. To unlock these achievements and associated gamerscore points, complete the indicated tasks from the list below.

Achievement How to Unlock Gamerscore
Viva la Resistenza! Complete Chapter 1. 10
Home Sweet Home Complete Chapter 2. 20
Back in Business Do your first job for Mike Bruski. 10
Big Brother Protect Francesca. 10
A Real Gentleman Help the woman fix her car in Home Sweet Home. 10
The Price of Oil Complete Chapter 3. 20
The Professional Obtain the ration stamps without raising the alarm. 10
Mail Man Sell all the gas stamps before the time runs out. 10
Night Shift Complete Chapter 4. 20
Good Spirit Complete Chapter 5. 20
Time Well Spent Complete Chapter 6. 20
Last Respects Complete Chapter 7. 30
The Wild Ones Complete Chapter 8. 30
Man of Honor Complete Chapter 9. 30
Checking Out Complete Chapter 10. 40
Our Good Friend Complete Chapter 11. 20
Wake Up Call Help Leo out of a tricky situation without getting caught. 10
Chasing the Dragon Complete Chapter 12. 40
Chop Chop! Complete Chapter 13. 40
Men at Work Complete Chapter 14. 50
Finish Him Finish what you started. 50
Made Man Finish the story on Medium difficulty level. 50
Tough Nut Finish the story on Hard difficulty level. 100
Auto Pilot Get all wheels of your car into the air for at least 20 meters and then touch the ground again. 10
Pedal to the Metal Travel at 160 mph. 10
One Careful Owner Travel a total of 50 miles in one vehicle. 10
Proper Scrapper Sell five vehicles to Mike Bruski at the scrapyard. 10
Exporter Sell five vehicles to Derek at the dock. 10
Cruise Control Keep any vehicle at 30 mph or over for five or more minutes. 10
Hairdresser Kill five enemies in rapid succession with a headshot. 10
Knucklehead Kill a total of 30 enemies using melee attacks. 10
Stuck Up Rob five stores in under five minutes. 10
The Enforcer Kill 50 enemies. 10
On Civil Terms Kill less than 20 civilians during the entire game. 40
Sharp Suiter Buy your first luxury suit. 5
Tuned Ride Upgrade one of your cars one level. 5
Dream Handling Upgrade one of your cars to the maximum level. 10
Hard to Kill The police want you dead. Survive for 10 minutes. 10
Collector's Item Find at least one collectible in the game. 5
Petrol Head Drive at least 30 different vehicles. 15
Ladies' Man Find all the Playboy magazines. 40
Card Sharp Find all the Wanted posters. 40
He Who Pays the Barber Improve the dockworkers' haircuts. 10
A Lesson in Manners Show that you know how to treat a lady. 10
Hey Joe Clean up after Joe. 10
End of the Rainbow Settle the score with the Irish once and for all. 10
The Mafia Never Forgets Pay a visit to an old friend. 10
Out for Justice Learn what it means to be a Scaletta. 30