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The Bottom Line is a unique digital music platform that not only offers a social music environment, but also gives you the ability to store your music library online as you play it. Using the free Maestro Connector software (for PC and Mac), you can build up an online library of songs that can be accessed anywhere in the world via an Internet browser. The use of playlists account for a large part of the service and you can create, manage, and share them with friends.Overall the service provides a good resource for discovering: new music, friends, and to access your music wherever you may be.


  • Remotely access your music anywhere via an Internet browser
  • The Maestro Connector software uploads your music as you play it
  • Ability to stream your playlists to Facebook and MySpace
  • A good resource for music discovery


  • Music player controls not adjacent to tracks
  • Tracks in playlists are not highlighted while being played
  • Website design not as user-friendly as it could be


  • Service type: Unlimited, Free and Legal, online storage
  • Music library: Over 1,500 playlists (thousands of tracks)
  • Music upload formats: MP3, WMA, M4A, FLAC, WAV, and OGG
  • Music Delivery: HTTP, streaming audio

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Introduction is a digital music social networking service run by Maestro Music Inc. What makes this service different when compared to similar music discovery services such as, Pandora, Imeem, etc., is the users ability to remotely access their own music simply be using a Web browser.

Services: To get the best out of, you will need to sign up to a free account which gives you the following benefits:

  • Create, manage, and share playlists
  • Upload your music library for remote access
  • Social networking
  • Forums
  • Favorites lists and viewing of the weekly charts

Website:'s website design is well laid out with a logical organization of the menu system; however, the use of white and pale blue in places ends up making some of the menu tabs washed out rather than stand out for easy navigation. There's a user-friendly search box where you can type in various search terms relating to artists, genres, playlists, people, etc. A browser-embedded player is used to control the music you play which is located at the top of the screen. This can be annoying at times because of the need to scroll the screen up and down between the playlist and the player controls; the tracks are also not highlighted while playing which adds to the confusion. Overall, the website is easy to use but could be improved in certain areas for a better user-experience.

Maestro Connector: This is a great piece of software (PC and Mac) which enables you to upload music and iTunes playlists.

Media Content: Service consists of a large collection of playlists that cover many genres; YouTube videos are also offered.

Music Delivery and Quality: The music from is delivered via streaming audio and is of excellent quality.