Macs are awesome! Discover how to do fun and cool things with yours, plus learn how to fix things when they (inevitably) go wrong.
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A MacBook Air with AirPods Pro in the foreground.
How to Adjust Keyboard Brightness on a MacBook Air
Emoji keyboard and an emoji in the Notes app on Mac
How to Open the Emoji Keyboard on a Mac
An SD card connected to a Macbook
How to Remove an SD Card from a MacBook
First and second generation Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad
How to Change a Mac Mouse Battery
A woman sitting at a desk looking at her laptop while smiling
How to Turn on Location Services on a Mac
Two people sitting on either side of a table looking at a MacBook.
How to Turn on Bluetooth on a Mac
USB flash drive on laptop keyboard
How to Find a Flash Drive That's Not Showing Up on a Mac
Viewing someone using their MacBook from the top.
How to Turn off Mouse Acceleration on Mac
A woman logging into a Mac while holding an iPhone
How to Change a Login Picture on Mac
A woman activates Lockdown on a Mac.
How to Use Lockdown Mode on Mac
A woman sitting at a table in a coffee shop looking at her laptop.
How to Turn Off a Pop-Up Blocker on a Mac
A close-up of a laptop on a coffee table with two people sitting nearby.
How to Change Screen Timeout on Mac
A woman sitting at a table looking and smiling at her laptop.
How to Uninstall Dropbox on a Mac
Find open in Pages on a MacBook Air
How to Control F On a Mac
Mac Mini rear I/O ports.
How to Turn On a Mac Mini
Power button and front I/O on a Mac.
How to Turn On a Mac Desktop
A close up of someone's hands on a MacBook laptop while they hold an iPhone, with a cup of coffee next to them.
How to Turn on AirDrop on a Mac
A man sitting at a desk surrounded by monitors and laptops, while looking at his phone.
How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac
Uninstalling Streamlabs on a Mac.
How to Delete Streamlabs on Mac
Updating to macOS Monterey on a MacBook
How to Upgrade to macOS Ventura
A family using Stage Manager on a Mac and an iPad.
How to Use Apple Stage Manager
A Mac user checking microphone access on their Macbook.
How to Know What App Is Using the Microphone on Your Mac
Settings for hot corners on a MacBook
How to Use Hot Corners on a Mac
macOS Monterey screen
How to Reinstall macOS Monterey
Mac in keyboard patent drawing
Mac Inside a Keyboard: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
Person using Macbook
How to Restore a Mac to an Earlier Date
: AirPods wireless Bluetooth headphones created by Apple Computers and of MacBook Pro laptop with gray coupon card on red background
How to Download YouTube Videos on a Mac
Woman waving hand holding digital tablet for video calling
How to Make or Receive Phone Calls on iPad or Mac
Woman on the phone and looking at a laptop
How to Block Someone on a MacBook
Adhesive notes forming smiley face on computer.
How to Use Sticky Notes for Mac
Media Player
How to Stop Screen Recording on Mac
Select photos
How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to MacBook Air
An original white plastic MacBook
How to Make a MacBook Faster
Zenbook 17 Fold OLED
Foldable iPad: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
A MacBook and iPad Pro running Sidecar
What Is Sidecar on a Mac?
A MacBook with the "No Sound" icon against a black screen
How to Fix It When Your MacBook Sound Isn't Working
A man listening to music on an iMac
How to Fix the Sound Not Working on Your Mac
A woman sitting on a balcony sipping a drink while looking at her laptop.
How to Delete Time Machine Backups
A laptop showing a low-battery message
How to Turn On Low Power Mode on a Mac
Using the Undo command on a Mac.
How to Undo and Redo on a Mac
Safari browser showing Mac section in fullscreen mode.
How to Show the Menu Bar in Full-Screen Mode on Mac
Someone mixing music on a MacBook computer.
How to Run EXE Files on a Mac
A woman cleaning the screen of a laptop.
How to Clean a MacBook Screen
A man installs Windows Steam games on a Mac.
How to Play Windows Games on a Mac
The Messages app on a MacBook
How to Update Messages on a Mac
Clearing the cache in Chrome on a Mac.
How to Clear Cache in Chrome on Mac
A woman holding an iPhone while looking at a laptop
How to Sync iMessage to Mac
macOS Monterey
How to Fix It When macOS Monterey Installation Fails
macOS Monterey on a MacBook Pro
How to Fix the Most Common macOS Monterey Problems
The 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro.
What Is High Power Mode on 16-Inch MacBook Pro With M1 Max?
A screenshot of the upgrade option for macOS Monterey.
How to Upgrade to macOS Monterey
A man sitting in a chair looking at his Mac laptop
How to Make a File Smaller on a Mac
A woman's hand using a Mac's trackpad to drag and drop files.
How to Fix Drag and Drop Not Working on Mac
Two women working together on a laptop
How to Turn Off iMessage on Mac
A man lying on his bed looking at his MacBook
How to Double Click on a Mac
A woman looking at her MacBook while following a recipe in the kitchen
How to Turn Off AdBlock on Mac
A selected file from a folder in motion to a new location on a MacBook.
How to Drag and Drop on Mac
iMac 27-inch 2020 version
ProMotion Display iMac: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
A woman sitting at a desk smiling while looking at her laptop
How to Connect Ethernet to a Mac

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