macOS Monterey Update Now Available to Download

The latest system update for Macs is here

Apple’s new macOS Monterey officially is available to download on Mac devices. 

The latest operating system initially was announced in June during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The new OS updates FaceTime, adds a Focus Mode that will work seamlessly with your iPhone, and provides additional features to Notes, mail privacy protection, and more. 

Some users of older Macs have reported issues after upgrading to macOS Monterey and say it can create serious problems for iMac, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro. Check with Apple to be certain your device can upgrade to macOS Monterey before attempting the update.

macOS Monterey

However, the most significant update to macOS is continuity between devices. Specifically, a new feature called Universal Control allows you to work seamlessly between your iPad, MacBook, and iMac. By setting devices next to each other, you can use the keyboard or mouse on one of them across the screens of the others.

Universal control will let you drag and drop files between devices, making it more fluid to work across them on the same or different projects.

New shortcuts also are available in Monterey, allowing you to automate your everyday tasks. The update provides access to prebuilt shortcuts designed just for Mac, or you can link together a series of actions to design shortcuts for your specific workflows.

In addition, Monterey provides a new Safari experience with a streamlined tab bar that has the search feature built right into the active tab. The new tab bar takes on the color of the site you’re viewing, so it feels like a part of the page. Finally, tab Groups are a new addition to Safari to save your tabs intro specific topics or groups and pick them back up later, even across devices.

macOS Monterey is available to download for free on Macs with Apple silicon and Intel-based Macs by going to your System Preferences. The macOS update comes exactly one month after the iOS 15 update, which has many of the same features

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