The Marantz M-CR611 Compact Network CD Receiver Profiled

Marantz M-CR611 Compact Network CD Receiver
Marantz M-CR611 Compact Network CD Receiver. Images provided by D&M Holdings

You like your home theater setup for watching movies and listening to music, but you aren't always in the living or home theater room. Sometimes you just want to kick back your bedroom or listen to music while you are working in another room in the house. With that in mind, Marantz, which is primarily known for its home theater receivers and high-end audio products, might have a practical solution for you - its compact M-CR611 Network CD receiver.

Physical Design

The Marantz M-CR611 has an attractive cabinet designed with curved edges and large front panel LED display. The unit measures 11.5-inches Wide, 12.01-inches Deep, and 4.37-inches High. The M-CR611 does not come packaged with speakers.

Power and Amplification

The M-CR611 is a compact two-channel stereo receiver with a stated power output is 60 watts-per-channel into 2 channels (however, no test tone range is provided). If running both A/B set speaker sets, the power output is 40wpc x 4.

Physical Connectivity

Physical connections provided by the M-CR611 include one set of analog stereo inputs and one set of line outputs (which can be used for audio recording), as well as two digital optical inputs (Note: the digital optical inputs only accept two-channel PCM - they are not Dolby Digital or DTS Digital Surround enabled).

Speaker connections include two sets of left and right speaker terminals that allow for an A/B speaker configuration (in other words, you can have the A speaker set connected for main room listen, and place a B speaker set in another room (both sets play the same source) - or you can place both the A and B speakers in the same room for better sound coverage in a larger room.

For added flexibility, there is also a preamp output for connection of a powered subwoofer. For private listening, a front panel headphone jack is provided.

AM/FM and CD

In terms of access to music content, first off, the M-CR611 features a built-in AM/FM tuner, as well as built-in CD transport that can play CD/CD-R/RW/WMA and MP3 CDs.

Local Network and Internet Streaming

Compact size and a built-in CD player aren't all the M-CR611 offers, it also includes a front mounted USB port for direct connection of compatible USB devices (such as flash drives and iOS devices). The USB port can also be used for charging compatible devices.

On the rear panel, the M-CR611 also has an Ethernet Port and built-in Wifi for access to internet radio and music streaming (Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify) as well as audio content (including hi-res audio files) from DLNA compatible devices.

For even more content access flexibility, the M-CR611 includes built-in Bluetooth, NFC, and Apple AirPlay for direct streaming from compatible smartphones and tablets.

Control Options

The M-CR611 can be controlled by the provided remote, or by free download apps for compatible iOS and Android devices.c