How to Add Multiple Stops on Lyft

Make 2 or more stops on your way or even ride round-trip

Need to take a trip across town? Need to stop and grab a friend on the way? Did you know your Lyft trip can accommodate that important stop? Using the Lyft app, you can schedule another stop simply and quickly without changing your trip. Here's how to add a stop on Lyft.

According to Lyft, adding a stop to your Lyft trip is a seamless experience for both you and your Lyft driver.

How Many Stops Can You Add Through Lyft?

With Lyft, you can only add one stop to any trip. Other ride-sharing companies, such as Uber, allow you to enter up to two stops to each trip. However, one-stop helps to protect your driver's time while accommodating your needs.

Remember to keep your stop as quick as possible as a courtesy to your driver. Stops should be used to drop off a friend, pick up a friend, or another quick task.

How Much Does an Extra Stop Cost?

Lyft charges a base rate for your trip as well as the cost per mile and per minute of time. This means that with your extra stop, your fare will increase depending on the time and mileage added to your trip.

Not sure how much your ride is going to cost? You can use the Lyft website to estimate your fare before you schedule. Simply navigate to the Lyft website and use the Fare Estimator to get started.

Can I Add a Stop During My Trip?

Yes. You can add a stop along your trip at any time, whether it's prior to the start of your ride or during the ride. Lyft makes it easy to change your plans using the Lyft app to add or remove a stop.

How to Add a Stop Using the Lyft App

To get started, download the Lyft app onto your smartphone. If you're a first time user, you'll need to set up an account. If you're a returning user, enter your log-in information to get started.

  1. On the main Lyft screen, enter your destination in the Search destination box.

    Screenshot of Search Destination page on Lyft app

    Turn on location services for your Lyft app to have the app automatically find your current location. It makes finding a Lyft in your area faster.

  2. On the next screen, tap the Plus (+) next to the End box to add a stop to your trip.

    Screenshot of Drop-Off screen on Lyft app
  3. Enter your stop in the Add a Stop box.

    Screenshot of Add a Stop page on Lyft app
  4. Enter your final destination into the End box to automatically see the available Lyft options in your area for your trip.

  5. On the Request Lyft screen, you'll see all the available options for your trip including economy, luxury, and extra seats. Once you find a suitable ride, choose Request Lyft to start your driver search.

    Screenshot of Request Lyft page on Lyft app
  6. You're done!

How many passengers will your Lyft need to hold? Before you choose a Lyft, be sure to consider how large of a vehicle you'll need and plan accordingly.

How to Remove a Lyft Stop at Any Time

Your plans might change during your Lyft trip. That's why the app makes it simple to remove a stop at any time. From the app, simply tap the stop you wish to cancel, then tap Remove Stop. After the stop is removed, your trip will automatically update the route and your driver on your plan.

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