Lycos Mail: Free Email Service

Lycos Mail - Free Email Service
Heinz Tschabitscher

Lycos Mail has no advanced features, but a solid 3 GB of storage space and the option to send files just as large make up for that to some degree. A spam filter and simple rules aside, Lycos Mail provides little to help you organize mail using labels or smart folders, for example.

Pros of Lycos Mail

  • Lycos Mail is a no-fuss, easy to use service
  • 3 GB of online storage offers plenty of space for archived mail
  • Lycos Mail integrates a large file sending service that allows huge attachments

Cons of Lycos Mail

  • You cannot set up smart folders or label freely in Lycos Mail.
  • Lycos Mail does not offer POP or IMAP access.
  • Rich text editing and large attachments work only with Internet Explorer.

Description of Lycos Mail

  • Lycos Mail is a free web-based email service with 3 GB online mailbox size.
  • Three levels of simple, but effective junk mail protection.
  • Additional incoming mail filters let you route certain messages to particular folders.
  • You can set up three custom signatures and have Lycos Mail reply to incoming mail automatically.
  • Lycos Mail can collect messages from other POP mail accounts.
  • In Internet Explorer, you can edit using rich text and send large (exceeding 20 MB) file attachments.

Review of Lycos Mail, a Free Email Service

It is not the most sophisticated web-based email service that Lycos offers, but Lycos Mail is not without unique gimmicks either.

A robust 3 GB online mailbox is guarded by a spam filter that can be configured to allow only mail from known senders (but lacks a way for people to authenticate themselves). In addition to normal file attachments, Lycos Mail lets you upload and include as download links in your emails larger files.

Unfortunately, this and rich text editing only work using Internet Explorer on Windows. Lycos Mail does offer simple incoming mail folders and you can search quite comfortably, but free-form labels or smart folders are missing.

So, Lycos Mail has plenty to be an unspectacular if solid email service. Unfortunately, that very solidity has been shaken by bugs and access problems in the past.